The Perfect Seventh Heaven: Phuket, Thailand

Thailand is very soon becoming a popular tourist destination. Attracting people from across the world is its rich culture, ancient ruins and the mesmerising beaches and islands. Among these islands of Thailand, the biggest island located at the Andaman Sea is Phuket. Phuket has been a great holiday destination for many across the world. People from faraway places like Asia, Europe and Australia have been marking this place as the perfect paradise.

Phuket has a lot to offer to its tourists. Apart from the beach and the never ending water body, it also allows its travellers to relish in the vibrancy and vivaciousness of the city life. Known for its night life and authentic, scrumptious meals; it also offers Phuket boat charter to show you the exotic places in and around the island. Apart from this Phuket boat charters can also be used for many other services. Let’s explore these services that would make your holiday perfect and comforting.

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Charter Services

With boat, yacht and helicopter charters, you can easily travel in and around the island of Phuket to explore it. These charter services can be hired for full day or for half day. Sometimes people also hire these services at competitive rates for overnight cruises. You have a wide range of extravagant and comfortable yachts, boats, helicopters to choose from. They are available in different sizes according to your requirements. There are sailing yachts, or fishing yachts which can be hired for your purpose of day out at affordable rates. The famous destinations where people would like to travel around are Phanga Bay, Similan islands and Phi Phi. Renting these charter services give you a lifetime of experience while adventurously exploring the deep sea of Andaman.

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The Perfect Seventh Heaven: Phuket, Thailand

Concierge Services

Apart from charter services, you can also hire the boat charter for concierge services. There is great range of private pool holiday homes for travellers in Phuket. To travel to these exotic destinations you can hire the concierge services either via a private boat, a yacht or through helicopter. The concierge services would offer you affordable pick up and drop off services to faraway destinations in the middle of the island. Especially if you are a honeymoon couple and want a secluded, private place to spend your time, you can use these boat charters to drop you off to the middle of the island where you can be alone and together.

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Ground Services

Apart from taking you to faraway destinations, boat charters also offer you ground services to make your travel relaxing and comfortable. The boat charter will have spas, body massages, detox, etc. for their members and guests. Travelling on board can be tiring and so to relax your mind and body, the charter services arrange relaxing spa sessions for you where you can totally detoxify yourself and feel rejuvenated for the rest of the tour.

phuket boat charter can add luxury and comfort to your holiday experience. So when you decide to travel to Phuket, Thailand then do not miss out on these charter services and leave behind a great opportunity to explore the depths of this exotic and captivating island.