Technology Employed By House Call Doctors And Its Benefits To Patients

The continuous advancement in technology in various fields has made life extremely easy to live and the medical sector is not left out. Patients these days prefer to get treated at the comfort of their homes rather than inconveniencing themselves at the hospital.Sometimes back, only light sickness could be treated at home but these days, technology has made it possible for doctors to use X-ray machines at their patient’s home. The machine is compact in nature making it possible for doctors to transport them easily to their patient’s home.

At the patient’s home, the doctor takes the X-ray image of the injured area, processes it, and sends it wirelessly to a radiologist who must have been informed prior to the doctor’s arrival at the patients home. The radiologists analyses the image and sends the result back to the doctor who can now view it on his computer or mobile device before administering the required medication to the patient based on the result of the test. This method of treatment is no doubt more expensive than the normal method which involves the patient going to a radiology center, but the stress involved in going to the center and probably waiting for hours on a queue is effectively terminated. Apart from that, older persons and individuals suffering from terminal sickness will surely find it cost effective in the long run especially if they use the services of an ambulance which can be extremely expensive. Even if the patient can do without the services of an ambulance, taking X-ray in the emergency department of a hospital also costs much; so a house call doctor remains the best option for elderly people and individuals suffering from terminal sickness.

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The Benefits Technology Employed By House Call Doctors And Its Benefits To PatientsOf House Call Doctor Services

Apart from the X-ray technology used by house call doctors, there are other devices which they carry along with them depending on the patient’s sickness. If for example a man walking up his stairs slips and sprained his ankle while falling to the foot of the stairs, it’ll be difficult for him to move and at that point, going to the hospital would seem like a very hectic task especially if he’s the only one at home. In such situations, the best thing for the man to do is to pick up his phone and call his doctor who would rush down to the premises with the necessary kits needed to treat the injury.

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Patients benefit a lot from doctor’s house call services especially in emergency situations but there are some individuals who wouldn’t go to the hospital for treatment simply because they are lazy. It doesn’t really matter to the doctors so long as the patient is financially buoyant enough to settle the huge bills that the doctor may charge.

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In conclusion, house call services has a lot of benefits on the patient and doctors side; and from the way things are going, one can say that it is here to stay but more work needs to be done by health agencies if it is to succeed on the large scale.