How Quizzing Customers Can Boost Your Business

Learning logos typically happens by seeing a business and the logo on a regular basis. Customers tend to pick up logos quickly, and commit them to memory as the actual business sign. A great logo that is connected to your business means that your company will never be forgotten.

In order to find out information for your business from customers, quizzes are a great, but underused tool. Quizzes break up the monotony of long questionnaires and focus groups, which means that your customer will be likely to get through a quiz. Quizzes are also a better method for understanding your customer and their needs. Providing customers with a quiz can bolster your business in a number or ways.

How Quizzing Customers Can Boost Your Business

Get to Know Your Customer

One of the best quizzes to give your customer is a getting to know you quiz. A quiz will provide you with demographics and give you some good information on who your average customer is. In the quiz, ask for ages, marital status, income level, and why the customer selected your shop.

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If you run a special company, such as a retail store, you can also ask your customer for sizes and other personal detail with regard to shopping at your store. Understanding the customers that you are attracting will help you better serve your demographic. It will also give you a good idea of what stock you should keep in your store in order to keep your customer base interested.

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Gives Info on what Customers know about you

The only way that you can find out exactly what a customer knows about you is to ask them. Giving a customer a quiz on your brand logo, your slogan, and other details about your business can increase their learning of you. If you find that customers have a hard time remembering your brand, the quiz provides you with information you need to make necessary changes.

With quiz answer logos and brand information you can analyze why your business may be struggling in the recognition department and come up with new ideas. If your slogan is popular, or if your business colors are prevalent, adding these into a logo is important. If your brand is struggling, simple logo quizzes for customers can give you pertinent information on how to cure the disconnect.

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Group Your Consumers

Consumers like to have information that directly benefits them. Quizzes can help you personalize each customer’s preferences, and offer the consumer products that they love. Having details about what a customer buys, their interests, and sizes, will provide a company with the information it needs to target all offers for customers. Business growth happens when you meet and exceed customer’s needs, and keep them coming back. With quizzes, you provide your customer with the enticement to complete necessary information that will help you take your business to the next level.