iPad Air 3: Release Date, Specs and Features Possibilities

Apple has released its advanced second-generation iPad model in the iPad Series. This is the best revolutionary series with the lighter, faster and slimmer. The iPad Air 2 Apple is the best in class and it is widely accepted in the market with the positive reviews from the people. The revolutionary design with its performance gains more popularity among the people. After the success of the iPad Air 2, Apple has made decisions to manufacture a succeeding iPad called Apple iPad 7 or Apple iPad Air 3. This is a next generation in the series that have more number of specification and higher performance than iPad Air 2. It is quite common that the Apple industry designs and markets the new design of iPad every year with the new generation.

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People expect the design of this new upcoming model will be slimmer than its previous version and their wish will be fulfilled soon as Apple decides to make the tablet slimmer. The Apple iPad Air 3 will be 5mm thin and it will be considered as the slimmest tablets in the world. The sleek design of this tablet will also make easier for portable and the stylish look of the Apple iPad Air 3makes a new trend among the public.

iPad Air 3 Release Date, Specs and Features Possibilities

Apple iPad Air 3 Release Date:

The iPad Air 2 launch is a big surprise as the revolutionary device made a very good success in the market which is a biggest hit for the Apple devices. There are many new technology used in the updated version and the amazing features will inspire you. The release date of this Apple iPad Air 3 is expected to be released September 2015 but the official announcement for the product is not yet made.

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The iPad Air 3 has the excellent display with the 10.1 inches with the 4K resolution display and Apple is the first company that will be using the 4K resolution for the Tablet. Everyone likes to have a high mega pixel camera so it will be efficient for using the device so this Apple iPad Air 3 expects to have the 10MP rear camera and 8MP front with wide-angle selfie type sensors. The touch in the Apple iPad Air 3 will also be manufactured with the Touch ID and the advanced faster sensor.

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Now the Apple iPad Air 2 uses the advanced type tri-core processor with A8X chip. This uses 64-bit architecture makes the processor faster as 2GB RAM makes it perfect smooth performance. This is also useful for handling any available application that will be launched in the upcoming 3 years efficiently. Apple iPad Air 3 is expected to use the A9X processor with the 64-bit architecture chip and it will be faster than the current generation. It adds highest performances with the hardware optimization. The 3GB RAM is also expected to be used in the tablet and Apple iPad Air 3 will have the 64GB or 128GB inbuilt memory capacity.