Everything You Need To Know About Combi Boilers and Their Benefits

Everything You Need To Know About Combi Boilers and Their Benefits

Amongst the different types of heating systems you can have for your business or your place of residence, combination boilers have long gained a reputation for being efficient and versatile, and have become a popular choice with many home owners and business owners today. So, what makes combi boilers a good choice? Are you thinking of upgrading your existing system to one that is more energy efficient and flexible? Here’s everything you need to know about combi boilers and their benefits.

Combination boilers: the basics

Today, about 70% of domestic residences and businesses choose to have combi boilers. Combination boilers (or combi boilers, as they are also known), are efficient combination central heating and water heater units, and this basically means that they can heat your property and provide you with hot water as well. With a combination boiler, you no longer have a need for a separate tank for hot water. Combination boilers are known to be more compact compared to other systems for central heating, as you only need a single appliance for heating and for hot water.

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The uses of a combi boiler

Admittedly, not all homes or locations can be suitable for combination boilers, as they are often small in size and are most suited to a small residence or business. When it comes to combi boilers, you have the option to choose an oil-fired one, but LPG and gas combi boilers are a lot more popular and readily available.

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Efficiency and affordability

One major benefit of a combi boiler is its efficiency. If you have an old boiler, you will know exactly what we mean – efficiency is a major draw to many consumers who choose to have combi boilers. In fact, if you replace an old boiler with a combi boiler, you may be able to save as much as £300 annually on your heating bill.

Affordability is yet another factor that contributes to the popularity of combi boilers. Combi boiler prices are budget-friendly, and installing these types of boilers is easier as well. Also, if a part needs replacement, you can conveniently find the part you need without too much effort.

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A good supply of heated water

Since combination boilers don’t have to heat up an entire water tank, you have an unlimited and ready supply of heated water; perfect if you are in a hurry or need hot water constantly.

A space saver

If you have limited space in your home or place of business, a combi boiler is an ideal fit – since there is no separate tank for water required, the combi boiler will not take up as much space and can be more compact compared to other heating systems.

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