What You Should Know About Cruises In The Caribbean

If you’re looking to go on a cruise around the Caribbean, there’s a few things you should know. Read more to learn what you should do when taking a cruise through the Caribbean.

When to Go

Firstly, when’s the time of year you should take the cruise? The peak, when everybody else takes this cruise, is mid-December through April. During that season the weather is the best – it’s hot, it’s sunny, pretty dry, and the nights are very cool. And also during that time most of the cruises operate so you have the most choices which one to take. But, if you decide to travel during this period, you will probably have to pay the most. And there’s going to be a lot of people, so prepare for big crowds. If you decide to go in the summer or in the fall, expect some rain. But, not longer periods, rather heavy downpours that don’t last too long. And there are not so much people.

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If you are looking to take the cruise June through November, you’ll be looking at the hurricane season in the Caribbean. September through October are the major storm months, so if you’ll be taking the cruise during these months, you will most likely be in the center of big storms. But, you’ll most likely miss them because ships can navigate around them.

What You Should Know About Cruises In The Caribbean


If you have chosen when to travel, think about your booking. Some things that you should consider is that you probably need to look to book a bit ahead of time, since it can be problematic to book late. Although these cruises are easy to book and are always available, they can be really costly. So if you don’t want your wallet drained, look to book a bit ahead of time.

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Safety first

When it comes to your safety, it’s a bit problematic. Some islands in the Caribbean have been known to be problematic because of crime. All the valuable things you carry should be left on the ship for safety. Just be careful, and things will certainly be alright. Safety first.

How do you get there?

Well, most of the cruises that go through the Caribbean start from Florida, in cities like Miami, Port Canaveral and Tampa. Fort Lauderdale is also a commonly used location. But, not all cruises start from the US. Some of them start from the Caribbean. They usually start from Bridgetown in Barbados and San Juan in Puerto Rico. You can fly from Britain by British Airways to Miami, Orlando Barbados and Tampa. You can also fly Virgin Atlantic to Miami, Orlando and Barbados.

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So in summary, this is basically what you need to know. The best time to take a cruise around the Caribbean is mid-December through April. It’s the peak season for Caribbean cruises. Book early, since late booking can cost you a lot. Safety is a concern on some islands, so be careful and store your valuables on the ship. You can start the cruises from Florida, and from some of the Caribbean islands as well.

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