Property Management Firms Need To Think About The Additional Touches

When it comes to running a property management company, it is going to be difficult to provide every client with everything that they are looking for. If a firm is able to provide a bespoke service to each client, they may be able to meet all of the needs and expectations of clients, but this can be difficult and costly to achieve. This is why it is much more preferable to think about the elements that can be utilised by a number of clients and then providing that as one of the key components of what a property management firm provides.

In the modern era, internet access is crucial and a growing number of property management firms are finding themselves becoming under increasing pressure to provide consistent and reliable broadband connectivity.

One firm that appears to have taken the notion of broadband seriously is Creative Space Management who have announced that they have been successful in obtaining £30,000 worth of broadband funding for all of their tenants. The firm is based in Leeds and they are delighted to announce that they are bringing high-speed broadband to properties in their hub at Holbeck Urban Village. Fast and reliable broadband connection is one of the most important things that people are looking for these days, and it makes sense that property management firms are looking to provide this.

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There are many things that a property management firm must provide to clients, with some of the most prominent being:

  • Reliable service
  • Affordable services
  • Secure premises
  • Clean premises
  • Reliable broadband connection
  • Administrative duties

These are the backbone of what a client is looking for from a property management firm but it is easy to see that there is a growing importance in high quality broadband connections.

A Government scheme is helping Property Management Firms

The firm has managed to receive the funding through the Superconnected programme that has been running in Leeds and Bradford. This is a scheme that has seen money provided to businesses to ensure they get the broadband connection they require. It is easy to why residential clients are clamouring for reliable and affordable broadband connectivity but when it comes to business clients, this becomes an even more pressing need. For most firms, being online and connected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is vital, and this is why there is a need for businesses to make sure that they have a reliable connection. Any business that rents property from a property management firm will make this one of the most important features of their agreement.

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The money is being utilised by CSM to provide fibre optic broadband to at least 10 businesses, of a media or technology based nature, at their hub and the firm has promised to continue the roll-out of this service if there is continued demand.

Given that this programme is being rolled out around the country in a £100m scheme ran by the Government, it is something that property management firms should be looking into. If there is a way to provide a greater level of service to clients without actually having to foot the bill for it, there needs to at least be some examination of opportunities that will provide a better service to clients.

While the basics of property management services will always be needed, the changing nature of life means that property management firms need to be able to evolve and offer new benefits to their clients. When it comes to pleasing people in the modern era, there is a lot to be said for offering high speed broadband. At the moment, this may seem as though it is mainly of interest to businesses, but it will soon become a necessary component of life for consumers.

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An increasing amount of modern life is being carried out online or in the cloud, so there has to be a better provision of online connectivity. When it comes to finding a good property management, finding a firm like JJ Homes, who show an interest in keeping up to date with modern trends and demands, is going to be a sensible approach.

When it comes to the best property management firms, there will be a focus on the traditional and new elements of life, and firms that provide the best of both worlds are the ones that should be relied on at all times.

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