Celebrate Your First Wedding Anniversary by Giving Lovely Flowers

Excited..!! Anniversary is coming and you want to show her how much you love her. Just take a note here, your better half will be more than happy if will remember the anniversary date. Once you are sure about this, now is the time to plan gifts and surprises for her.

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No one stands in comparison to flowers when we want to express our love. No doubt there is nothing new in flowers but they work every single time. But choose the right ones in order to express your love effectively. Here is a quick guide on how to select anniversary flowers to profess your love to your other half.

What different flowers and colors actually mean

Celebrate Your First Wedding Anniversary by Giving Lovely Flowers


Nothing speaks “I love you” better than roses. Give a bunch of them, or give a whole bouquet, they work every time. Roses make for great anniversary flowers on first anniversaries.


Carnation is double-flowered cultivated variety of clove pink, with grey-green leaves and showy pink, white or red flowers. Just like roses, carnations are also evergreen if you want to profess love. While pink carnations tell her she is always on your mind, red carnations signify how much you miss her. Thus, when you are away and can’t make it in time for your anniversary celebrations, send her a bouquet of red carnations.


Daffodils mean she is the only one for you. Blend the daffodils with some roses or carnations to convey a message of everlasting love.


If you have been dating for quite some time, and are celebrating your yearly dating anniversary, gardenias can is a lovely choice. They have some deep floral meanings which actually says “You are lovely” and it is even a symbol of secret love.


Celebrate Your First Wedding Anniversary by Giving Lovely Flowers

Lavender flowers denote purity, silence and devotion to her. Given the sweet fragrance of lavender and they will make her special day bright and perfect Just surprise her with a quick drop of lavender bouquet at her office. You get brownie points if you are present along with the bouquet.

Most women think giving their men flowers would not really make him happy. However, recent studies have shown that men are equally happy to receive flowers from their dates, girlfriends, and wives. So, don’t only wait for men to surprise you with anniversary flowers. You yourself make an effort to and surprise him with a thoughtful bouquet of flowers specially made for him. While giving flowers to someone special, make sure to include his/her favorite colors. If you don’t have any clue, look for hints, such as the color of his favorite dress; or the color he often chooses on shopping.

Include Something Extra

Anniversary flowers are very sweet gestures to tell someone that you love them. But, you can make it even more special by including a little surprise in the bouquet. Leave some handwritten note with a fragrance they really like. You can also give them a bar of dark chocolate to savor. Be creative and let your love flows through your imagination to make them smile.

Celebrate Your First Wedding Anniversary by Giving Lovely Flowers

If you haven’t been married long enough, or if you haven’t been dating long enough, it is always wise to check whether he/she is allergic to flowers. It wouldn’t look nice if a romantic gesture turns into a messy situation.

Go with their Personality

Think about what type of personality they possess and select your gift.  Give them anniversary flowers that complement their personality. For example, a bold personality would be perfectly complemented by flowers in bold red. So what are you waiting for? Just go ahead with us now and make your anniversary day very special by giving your partner beautiful Anniversary Flowers.

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