Best Wineries In Napa Valley : Tasting Rooms To Chocolates

There is a reason that winer lovers flock to Napa Valley. It is no secret that Napa Valley is basically synonymous with incredible wineries. In fact there are so many wonderful wineries, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. In order to narrow your winery list down it is a great idea to decide what kind of experience you desire. Some patrons rave about a winery’s tasting room experience. Others are looking for the winery that offers the most unique and intimate tour. You might decide that you are looking for a winery that will allow for a romantic and idyllic picnic. Maybe you really want a winery that has the most spectacular view or the best wines and chocolates. Napa is home to such a desirable list of wineries, it is nearly impossible to choose without prioritizing what you want most from your Napa Valley wine tasting experience. The following list includes some of the best wineries in Napa.

Best Wineries In Napa Valley : Tasting Rooms To Chocolates

Best Tasting Room Experience

If you crave impeccable service, know that many Napa Valley tasting rooms are so crowded that it can be hard to get your glass filled. After all, it can be hard to really savor an incredible wine if you just stay on the pour and sip hamster wheel. So if you want a full glass and attention from your server, Raymond Vineyards is a great choice. The atmosphere is amazing and the wine is delectable.

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Best Tour Experience

Not all tours are created equally. If you are looking for a unique tour experience, look no further than Jarvis Winery. This is a well kept secret and is a bit off the beaten path. The entire winery is built in a cave. This tour will give you some bragging rights!

Best Picnic Experience

Packing a picnic basket to enjoy at a beautiful winery can make for a very romantic outing. Rutherford Hill allows you to picnic on a beautiful Californian heavily shaded by live oak trees.

Best Scenic View

The Signorello Estate allows you to take in the beautiful hillside from an estate that has a patio and infinity pool. You will have a breathtaking view of the other side of the valley.

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Best Wine and Chocolates

Del Dotto Vineyards has decadent chocolate in addition to wine. After taking a tour you are given wine and a chocolate truffle.

There are so many incredible wineries to discover in Napa Valley. Whether you are seeking a great tasting room, a unique tour, a charming picnic area, incredible scenery or chocolate paired with wine, Napa Valley is your destination. You deserve to experience the wine, beauty and luxury of Napa.