Exercises To Lose Weight

Weight loss is one of the headaches of many women, especially if they have no time to go to the gym, so we will show you some exercises to lose weight  and some without having to leave home.


Besides being a good exercise to lose weight, it is perfect to say goodbye to stress and that this exercise is to move your body to the beat of the music. The aerobics meets all the benefits of aerobic exercise, exercise plus physical capabilities as flexibility, coordination, guidance, and pace to do it, you can buy a DVD and do it from home.

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Walking 30 minutes a day at least it helps to lose weight, it is also easy and inexpensive exercise, ideally you do it on a flat surface, not to hurt your feet. You’ll see as you begin to lose weight slowly.

Rope Jump

If you find something easy to do with optimum results, jumping rope is the solution is one of the exercises that will burn more calories, if you perform the exercises for at least one minute that equals run 8 miles, but you must be careful when do it because it is not recommended for people with bone problems, heart lungs and spinal problems.

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Exercises To Lose Weight

Hula Hoop

It’s a fun exercise you can do from the comfort of your home, you just need a hoop and you move. This type of exercise helps burn calories quickly, for example 400 to 500 in an hour, also helps to tone up the abdomen and reduce your waist.


Swimming is an aerobic exercise that can be practiced almost everyone, the main advantage of swimming is that all muscles are used and largely involves the heart and lungs. If you are a novice, start swimming followed five minutes and see increased gradually, do not forget to warm up before entering the water.

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Spinning or cycling is one of the cardiovascular exercises that help with weight loss, you can go to a gym to do it or go for a walk on your bike, but it is important to warm up before and cool muscles do once finished.

It is important that before you start doing any kind of exercise, you go to a doctor for your health; do not do heavy routines if you’re new to this exercise, begins slowly and sees increased gradually and do not forget to combine exercise with a good diet.