Opening Your Home With Glass

Anyone who has been in the home decorating and design industry long enough comes to realize the one quality above all others that makes a home desirable is“openness.” Big or small, located in the city or the countryside, a house that is structurally open provides its occupantsa sense of freedom and serenity.

Glass has an exceptional ability to open a space. Professional designers and decorators often turn to quality glass products to provide clients with the light-filled, airy living spaces that they value. Here are some ways quality glassfeatures can help you improve your home as well.

Expand the Living and Dining Areas

The heart of your home is the living and dining areas where your family and guests spend most of their time. A strategic use of glass in these areas will help you give them a bright and spacious feeling.

Bringing light into your living space doesn’t always entail making massive architectural changes. Replacing opaque shelves and tabletops with ones made of glass is a subtle but extremely effective way to exchange clutter for sleek efficiency, and give your dining or family room a feeling of openness and depth.

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Making more radical changes can produce even more spectacular effects. The use of frameless glass walls has become common in architectural and interior designs for commercial spaces, but they are still underused in residential properties. This is a shame, because in the home these clear, beautiful walls can really have the greatest impact.

In this century, there’s no reason to keep dividing homes into ever-smaller enclosures. A frameless glass wall dividing a kitchen from a dining areaor a family room from a home office is a great way to put the whole interior volume of your living area on display. Carefully accented with matching glass shelving, glass tables and desktops, and complemented by well-designed windows with sliding glass doors that open to the exterior, frameless glass walls really transform a home.

Opening Your Home With Glass

Brighten the Bath

What is the smallest room in your house where you spend the most time? Your bathroom, of course. The proper use of glass in your home’s bathrooms will give them the illusion of greater space, as well as a sleek, bright look that radiates comfort and cleanliness without sacrificing style.

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Designers generally advise homeowners to give up on the use of shower curtains and replace them with some form of glass door for their shower or bathtub. You’ll be amazed at the huge difference this small alteration can make, effectively multiplying the apparent space available in the room. In addition, glass doors are easy to clean, and, unlike curtains, will present a bright, gleaming appearance for years to come.

Every bathroom contains at least one mirror for practical use, but it’s important to see your mirrors as design elements as well. Custom fitted and strategically placed, mirrors really open out the enclosed space of the bathroom and reflect light throughout the space.

Seeing the Light with Glass

Properly used, glass is the key material for giving your home a bright, open, and modern feel. Although there may be some challenges when it comes to glass cleaning but there are great companies who provide quality service like Impact Hygiene. The suggestions listed here are a few of the ways that your residence can benefit from the use of glass. Today, a whole array of durable, stylish, and affordable glass design elements are readily available, which you can use to achieve the effects you are looking for.

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