How To Use Your RV At A Tailgate

Tailgating is an American tradition and lifestyle. With an RV, you can comfortably tailgate in any weather and there’s no waiting in line for a port-a-potty. Grab as many friends as you can fit and start planning your RV tailgates just in time for the fall football season.

First and foremost comes packing. Be prepared to share supplies with neighbors. If you have an RV, people are going to come to you first for the things everyone inadvertently forgets. Be sure to bring a few bottle openers, a ton of paper towels, garbage bags and ice. If it’s nice, pack some extra chairs and a fold out table. For the worst-case scenarios, it’s smart to bring along a first aid kit and jumper cables (just in case!) Bring more water than you think you’ll need; it’ll go fast! Don’t be afraid to over-pack, you’ll have more than enough storage room in your RV.

To make your life easier, plan what everyone is going to bring in advance. With big groups, it’s easiest to have everyone bring a dish. Put someone in charge of snacks, someone in charge of desserts and then have everyone bring a dish. Try to have all meals covered, from breakfast to late night munchies. If you plan on grilling, check out some of the latest gadgets available for RV enthusiasts. Each year there is a new innovation that makes tailgate cooking even simpler.

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To keep food fresh, start your RV a few hours before you need to use the refrigerator in order to give it time to cool down. As with any tailgate, don’t leave food out in the sun during the day!

How To Use Your RV At A Tailgate

Before planning a big RV tailgate, make sure your generator is running properly. This is important to do before every big tailgate. Make sure your guests understand how the generator works and not to run multiple appliances at once. Nothing ruins a tailgate more quickly than a short circuit!

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Make sure your RV is in accordance with the rules of the venue. Call in advance to inquire about passes and any restrictions on tailgating spaces. Many schools have a waitlist for a season pass or sell single day passes. Some schools allow you to park the Friday before a game for easier maneuvering. Every school is different, so double-check before you show up! Be aware of limitations regarding alcohol and glass bottles as well.

Make sure to get there a little early to snag the best spot. You’re going to want plenty of room to set up and meet your neighbors. This can be a great way to share food and drinks, tailgating tips or make new friends.

If you can afford it, enabling your RV with a dish satellite can make all the difference at a tailgate. If you can set up your TV outside, that’s ideal! If you have children or plan on being at the stadium all day, bring some games to play. An enjoyable tailgate classic is the cornhole game, which is easy to make yourself!

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Don’t forget to deck out your RV in your team’s colors. Get creative with making your RV easier to find. We recommend balloons and streamers; body paint for yourself is optional!

At the end of your tailgate bash, remember to clean up. It’s simple tailgate etiquette and makes life a lot easier for the staff at the venue!

Old school tailgaters will try to tell you that RV tailgating isn’t the real deal. We politely disagree; RV tailgating is the most comfortable and ideal way to have the most successful pre and post-games!

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