Time To Move On: Signs That You Need To Replace Your Door

First impressions really count and one of the first things people see when visiting your property is your front door! Doors are also an essential part of the make up and practicalities of our homes. Exterior doors keep a property safe, warm and private, whilst certain rooms of the house such as bedrooms and bathrooms would be unthinkable without a door. Yet after years of shutting, slamming, and facing the elements of the changing seasons, even the strongest of designs can suffer the effects of aging. If you’re experiencing some of the signs below with the doors in your home, it might be time a good time to think about replacing it.

Unwanted Visitors

Doors, especially exterior ones, withstand great variations in temperature and weather that over time can seriously affect their structure. There are several signs that your door may have warped over the seasons. Two of the most obvious signs are cold drafts and insects. A door that has shrunk or misshapen will have small but undeniable gaps around the frame that fail to keep your home snug. And even the smallest of gaps is enough to let in a chilly breeze or a few ants and bugs. If you’ve noticed an increase in these unwanted visitors recently, you should show them the door by investing in a new one.

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Time To Move On Signs That You Need To Replace Your Door

A Sticky Situation

Do you find that you’re having to wrestle with the door every time that you want to open or shut it? Another symptom of a warped door might be that it has not shrunk but grown in places. Where there may be a gap in one place, the wood may have expanded just a little out of its comfort zone in another, making it catch and jam instead of opening freely. Again, this will only get worse over time, and only a new door will nip this problem in the bud.

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Wear and Tear

It isn’t only the temperature and weather that can make your door weak. General wear and tear of a whole family rushing in and out of the bathroom, kitchen or living room can make a door structurally weak over time. There are several ways that you’ll notice this. Most obviously, if the door has a crack in it then it’s a sure sign that the wood is no longer strong enough for its purpose. Another factor that you might have put down to a lack of grease and lubricant is the hinges. Although sometimes they do just need a little oil on them, if you’re door is consistently screeching out, it might be trying to tell you that it’s ready for retirement.
Unless you’re renovating the house or adding an extension, few people ever consider upgrading their doors until it’s too late. Don’t wait until it falls off the hinges in the depths on winter to replace your door. Take the initiative and give your home a facelift with a quality new door that will keep your home warm, safe and private, whilst looking stylish and fresh.

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Article by Kelly Gilmour-Grassam who likes to write about everything, she often writes for Emerald Doors.