4 Pro Wedding Photography Tips

Are you thinking about shooting a wedding? Wedding photography can be one of the trickiest feats to pull off – after all, the happy couple are putting their full trust in you to deliver the shots they will treasure forever. With the pressure on, it is easy to make mistakes. Take a look at these professional tips to help get the best wedding photographs with minimum stress.

  1. Understand Your Equipment

According to www.gomesphotography.co.uk, the most important thing you can do to prepare for your wedding photo-shoot is to understand and know your equipment inside-out. This is not the time to test-drive a new camera or flash. It may sound obvious, but you need to know the gear in-depth, from the settings to the options that you may not use every day but will come in very useful at a wedding. You should be able to adjust to every situation quickly and not have to fiddle with the settings so much you panic.

  1. Practice Your Shots

There are certain shots you simply must include in your photography on the big day. Know what they are, and practice them beforehand using a stand-in model and props. You can then judge what kind of lighting will look best and learn how to pose people so that they come across best on camera. If you feel like it, you could even go so far as stage a fake wedding so you can practice to your heart’s content. This can be a really fun thing to do, too, so it helps if you enlist your friends and make an entertaining day of it.

  1. Look for the Locations

 You will save yourself a lot of stress and get better photos when you look for your locations before the day. There are some locations you won’t get to see, like the groom’s home, but you can plan for this by assuming it will have some regular features. But you can look around the church or the wedding venue to find the places where the best photos must be taken. And try to visit at the same time of day as the wedding will take place so you get similar lighting issues.

  1. Get Some Help

If you know that you are going to be stressed on the day of the wedding, enlist someone to help you with the management of the wedding photography, for example helping to find people from the bridal party when it is time for their shots. And if you are really worried about wedding photography – hire a professional and ask if you can shadow them! This way you’ll get some experience and you can be sure that the couple will get wonderful shots.

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