Causes Of Night Blindness and It’s Treatment

Do you have the problem seeing at the night time, well, almost 30% of whole world populations are suffering from this night blindness, and people believe it is a heritage problem but it is wrong. Night Blindness is commonly seen in every one. And there are causes for it, and proper treatment can prevent it coming again.

Loosing eye sight and night blindness have almost similar causes and treatments. So here we will discuss the causes of Night blindness and its treatment

Causes of Night Blindness

Night blindness is commonly seen in the people, who suffer from Diabetes, the condition ranging from exposure to sun and vitamin deficiencies.

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Our lens of the eye is located behind the pupil, the process of cell turnover in the lens produce debris that slowly builds up and form a cataract, the cataracts slowly cloud the lens. So the first symptom of this causes blurred vision and later cause complete night vision.

Vitamin A Deficiency for Night Vision

Vitamin A is the essential ingredient for tour eyes, Carrots and other yellow and green leaf vegetables are rich in Vitamin A. It helps keep you retina healthy for good vision. And do you know that Vitamin A Deficiency is a rare cause of night blindness. The main cause of night blindness causes absorbing nutrients from the gastrointestinal tract also causes diseases like Crohn’s disease, celiac disease, cystic fibrosis, or pancreatic insufficiency in the future.

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Causes Of Night Blindness and It's Treatment

Zinc Deficiency

Zinc works as a partner with vitamin A, with Zinc and vitamin A cannot work so effectively. The richest source of Zinc is Beef, Poultry, beans and dry fruits and etc.

Sunlight Exposure

People are unknowingly clever travelling with sunglasses and enjoying at beach at full sunny day, do you think that your eyes exposing to direct sunlight would cause night blindness? The answer is yes! It is commonly seen in a few people in U.S People after enjoying at the beach or travelling by bike on full sunny and hot day, the effect of it will cause night vision blindness up to 2-3 days.

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People who suffer from diabetes are high risk for night problems, this is being proved over years ago that the high blood sugar is poisonous to the blood vessels and nerves in the eyes, the retina gradually damages and also cause day eye vision loss too. It may be hard to see in the dark light and also take a long time to see anything normally.

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