Do This And Prevent A Smartphone Catastrophe!

You’ve just bought the perfect smartphone with your hard-earned money. Your new phone looks cool and it’s a designer piece, one you want everyone to see.

Are you tempted to keep it bare instead of covering it up with a case? Consider these facts first.

  • Prevention is always better than trying to find a cure! Have you ever experienced that dreadful slow motion sequence where your grip on your beloved gadget falters, it drops and you can feel it in your guts that it’s going to hit the floor you’re your mouth turns dry knowing that you can’t do a thing to save it cracking now!  If yes, then you get the drift. Even the sturdiest smartphones are not totally wreckage-free!
  • Even the slightest crack can ruin the appearance of your dearly loved phone and can also affect its functionality. Why chance it? A good case protects your phone against the unthinkable.
  • A distinct case adds personality to your phone. Imagine a scenario where you have gone out to lunch with your close pals and many of them have the same mobile as yours.  If all of you leave your gadgets on table/counter and none of you are using a case, how hard it would it be to recognise your own phone from the sea of identical mobiles? A well-chosen mobile case literally gives a new ‘persona’ to your device, making it stand out in the crowd.
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Do This And Prevent A Smartphone Catastrophe

  • Today the market is flooded with variety of brands, features and price points that can fit each and every pocket. One can easily find a suitable cover that will appeal to his or her inner fashionista nature within their budget and needs. Savvy, enthusiastic users can rejoice at the magnitude of available cases.
  • You don’t want to get stuck with one look? Another advantage of using a mobile case is that you can have more than one design and change it according to your mood. While an elegant black case is suitable for work, the bling piece can be a center of attraction at evening parties.
  • Adventure loving folks aren’t content to be only in the cities. They might dwell into mountains; drag their mobiles to cliffs, in sand dunes, on desert safari or out water-rafting.  Most of the phones can’t bear the extreme weather conditions. Water damage accounts for the majority of handset insurance claims. Choose a case that fits your lifestyle – and your phone will be a better fit for your lifestyle too!
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What factors should you keep in mind while selecting a case? Here are some suggestions from the experts:

  • If you’re rugged, choose a rugged case. Get one that is waterproof, snow proof and dirt proof.  It should be durable, flexible and should have an ability to absorb shock.
  • The case should fit snugly around your device, keeping enough gaps to let you access all necessary buttons and ports. It should let you use camera easily and the cut-outs should be accurate.
  • It should be lightweight and easy to carry without adding bulk to your mobile.
  • If you have a habit of dropping your phone frequently, you should buy a case that uses thick plastic or rubber material with belt loops.
  • The case should help prevent scratches. Corners should be well covered.
  • The finish should be comfortable to hold but should have enough grip to guard against dropping.
  • This is crucial: your case should have angled edges to keep the screen from touching the ground in case of a fall.
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I love my smartphone, and I know how important it is to my life. I hope these tips will be helpful when you consider how best to protect your phone. Don’t wait for a catastrophe to make you take action. Plan ahead and save yourself a huge headache. Did I make the case?

Abel Cane writes from the Great Northwest. Abel knows about the necessity for smartphone protection… by experience.