5 Important Thing To Survive

Adventure living is not that simple like you imagine, you must struggle to fulfill your heart with full of enjoyment and watch some hidden wonders around the world with your naked eye. But simply going to adventure without any perfect preparation will kill you there, we see many brave hearts struggled to live and died in adventure, what mistakes made them kill in wild and survived till death.


Fear is the main problem to take it out of your mind “the death will surely come some day, but never wait for it to happen” you are not supposed to go into the wilderness or adventure before you have some practices around you home how to survive for. Never make immediate decisions to travel alone into wild if you have at least 5% of fear in your heart, first wipe the fear out of your mind.

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Out there when you travel in wild maybe your GPS stopped working, lost the way and the food you carried with you is completed, what will you do? When you travel in wild and starving for food you feel every fruit is attractive and you like to eat it, many people died in the forest eating some poisonous foods and it killed them, so before you travel some part of the forest or desert read some magazines regarding related wild food or meat to eat.

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5 Important Thing To Survive


One of the most and important thing you must learn swimming, if you don’t know swimming, then stay away from adventures, who knows in wild that the water may be covered with leaves, so be aware of wild if you don’t know swimming.

Surviving the Weather

If you have irritation of rains, sunlight, dust, drinking water, and food, then adventuring the wild won’t suit for you, because adventure is combined with all this stuff, nobody knows how the weather reacts and you must be able move forward for all different kinds of troubles.

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Make Comfort Yourself

Wild is not like your home, prepared bed and meals at dinner with sweet good night words. Wild is full of different wild creatures, don’t know what happens so it is better to make shelter for yourself to survive the night. Everyone knows that animals are away from the fire, so better make some good fire around you and make out the night. Who knows if it rains in the forest don’t panic, you will be already warned is about to come. Find well branched tree, gather some leafy branches and make it home.