Be Better Prepared For Disasters

Keep yourself informed about how to best stay safe in the event of a natural disaster. Whether it is a hurricane or an earthquake, there is little warning before major disaster strikes. So it is best to know how you will survive the conditions that you encounter.

Be Better Prepared For Disasters

In order to survive a natural disaster, you must first be aware of the problems that you will face. Find out which problems come with the highest priority and how to tackle them.

1. Shelter

The first thing you will need to do is find shelter. No matter what kind of emergency you are facing, you will need a place to sleep at night where you will be safe. Safe from the rain, safe from the wind, and maybe even the snow.

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You may need to be on the move a lot, so this shelter should be able to go wherever you are. A tent is the best option, so see if you can invest in a disaster relief tent. In an absolute emergency, sheets or tarp and polythene can work as well!

2. Water

Water ranks higher than food, but lower than shelter, and for a very good reason. You can survive more than a day without water, but absence of shelter in harsh weather may not be so forgiving. Keep as much clean water with you as you can manage to carry.

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3. Food

Take food that won’t spoil. There are special military grade rations that do not perish. If possible, buy some in bulk. Remember to eat at least 2000 calories worth of food each day.

4. Hygiene

Soaps and toilet papers are always good to have, although they are not an absolute necessity. Try and get medical masks which will help you avoid breathing in infectious air. Keep feminine napkins as well, for any ladies with you.

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Natural disasters are no doubt a big trouble that is hard to handle. has taken great step for helping the victims of natural disasters so as to give them some relief. If you too want to join then the organization welcome your efforts. So take steps and help the needy.