You Got To Glow, Girl!

A bride’s best friend on the D day is her glow, undying and true!

A bride’s glow is the result of more than many factors besides the happiness that is clearly reflected on her face. Skin is the index of one’s health and therefore, in order to keep up the glow, it is important that health is under check. As wedding season arrives and receive first Indian wedding cards at hand, You need to glow fast.

You Got To Glow, Girl!

Although being healthy is a very vast term and varies greatly across the age groups, we are majorly talking from the point of view of a bride.

  • Remain hydrated: Pure water at room temperature does wonders to the human body and therefore, to the skin. Drinking lots of water helps in flushing out the toxins that would otherwise remain inside the body and interfere with normal functioning of the body. The toxins often show up in the form of frequent skin breakouts, lethargy and other ailments like upset stomach. The water at room temperature is any time better suited for consumption than chilled refrigerated water as the latter tends to act abnormally on the stomach.
  • Exercise: If you haven’t already started with it, you must do it at the earliest and keep doing it throughout life. You may God gifted with the perfect body but exercising is not only for getting into shape or losing those extra kilos. Exercising helps the body warm up and release toxins in the form of sweat. It helps the skin breathe and as a result the skin glows manifold.
  • Invest in fruitful beauty regimen: We understand that hell many beauty products in the market confuse a customer. We want all the results they promise but are mostly disappointed. You are not alone, girl! The best way to find the suitable beauty products is to first understand your skin and then have patience with the products.
  • Improve your eating habits: You may be a couch potato or a super busy woman but neither of these is an excuse to feed on too many processed foods. Opt for whole grain foods instead and it will start showing on your skin.
  • Sleep well: We understand that you would be busy shopping and talking to your fiancé over the phone but lack of sleep is not something to go for. It will ultimately show on your skin with dark under eyes and tired, saggy skin.
  • Pamper your feet: You must be rushing through choosing the wedding invitations, wedding dress etc. So, remember to take care of your feet. Soaking them in warm water with a pinch of salt before hitting the bed proves relaxing.
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It goes without saying anyways, that you must relax on your wedding day and go with the flow. Just smile and the glow will take care of itself!

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