How Divorce Lawyers Mississauga Can Help In Child Custody

Do you have children as you are going through divorce process? This important fact makes divorce more stressful and difficult. Who will have the custody of your child/children? Where will your children be staying during separation period? You must have a lot of questions regarding safety, security and wellbeing of you children? And this is perhaps the major reason why majority of people around the world hesitate to get divorce. However, in developed countries like Canada, there are many experienced divorce lawyers, such as Kainfamilylaw in Mississauga who can remove your concerns with their satisfactory responses. Divorce lawyers in Mississauga are professionally trained in child custody issue. In fact, there are many support groups in the city where people can go and get counseled on this matter.

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How Divorce Lawyers Mississauga Can Help In Child Custody

At the same time there are fewer firms like the one mentioned above that have professional lawyers who can provide you the best guidance pertaining with children and their possession. In order to give general idea about child custody, you can read the following lines and improve your knowledge.

Why is Child Custody Important?

Child custody has a direct impact on children and their future. Some of them include:

  • Education and schooling
  • General health
  • Religious preferences
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Any health disorder

If you don’t have the custody you cannot play your part in building a better future for your child.

What Exactly is Child Custody?

It is the common misconception among people that they combine custody and residence in one word, but they are different. There are certain terms you should know:

  • Custody: It is related to the decision making. If you have child custody, you can decide about him/her until he/she comes of age.
  • Primary Residence: it is simply the place where your child lives. It doesn’t mean that children cannot reside with other parent who is not entitled to give them primary residence.
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At the end of divorce process, a court may decide to give joint custody of children, but restrict child residence with one of the parties.

  • Access: it is the time children spend with the parent with whom they do not reside. They can spend the time anywhere, but not in the primary residence.

The court determines these factors and schedules them in the best interest of both the parties and children.

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Why you need a Family Law Firm in Mississauga in Child Custody?

In most of the cases, avoidance to take assistance regarding child custody can put people in a great danger of loosing their children. You need to be realistic and think of every nook and corner. Your spouse’s attorney might come up with strong plead to deny your rights towards child custody. A professional family law firm will provide you free consultation and advices to secure your right toward your child. They can help you in assessing custody, access and mobility issues.

Divorce directly impact children and their future. Therefore, you need to act wisely and hire the best divorce lawyers in Mississauga, so that you can secure their future.