Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Overview: Is It Worth To Buy?

In the market, finally arrived a unique display smartphone from Samsung. Here we are talking about Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. This new phone is powered with similar characteristics as Galaxy Note 4 and has a unique curved display from one side.

The design of this phone is already very interesting, on the bottom – we have the hole for the stylus, microphone and two connector Micro-USB, through which smart phone is charged and connected to a PC and a display device (TV, monitor). Support for USB OTG (connection of external devices, including storage devices) is also available.

Located on the left side only the volume rocker. It is very long, is made of metal (like a power button) and press down firmly and clearly audible sound. If you put the smartphone face down on a table, the contents of the right side is almost not visible. But if you hold the smartphone to its face, then you can see everything quite well. In hands Note Edge has comfortable grip strength metal casing provides three faces.

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Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Overview: Is It Worth To Buy?

Summarize the experience of the design is quite difficult, since Samsung Galaxy Note Edge – a one of a kind it is unique. Will it impress? Yes, of course. Play around with it is certainly interesting, the presence of the curved face displays the interaction with the smartphone to a new level of convenience, and it is hardly possible. It’s an interesting experience, but does not cross all that came before it. The same applies to the exterior. Is hardly looks Galaxy Note Edge new standard of beauty. However, its originality – and it is captivating. And certainly there are those users who want to have just such a custom, strange gadget. But if you do not go into a subjective element, it is worth noting the build quality, practicality and reasonableness of all elements of the body and some interesting design-engineering solutions. By the way, representatives of the Samsung note that due to the metal frame smartphone is strong enough.

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There might be question with you regarding this unique designed phone; there is a real boundary between the main part of the screen and the curved area? And how is related to its quality screen of Galaxy Note 4? Finally, are there some parameters, which (or whose quality) had to be sacrificed for the sake of innovation curvature?

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The front surface of the screen is made ??in the form of a glass plate with a mirror-smooth surface, which is resistant to scratches. Judging by the reflection of objects, anti-glare display properties can be a bit better than the screen on Google Nexus 7 (2013).

The screen of Galaxy Note Edge is slightly darker (the brightness of the photos 108 against 110 in the Nexus 7) and has expressed shade. Note that the reflection of the brightest objects in the screen Galaxy Note Edge has a pale bluish halo without the expressed direction.

With the interesting display, Note Edge win the tag of recommended and yes next year would be too interesting as we are expecting something big from Galaxy Note 5.