Convenient Business: 10 Of The Best Business Apps For 2014

Apps are in use in many businesses, and have provided both established and start-up companies with the tools to grow, manage finances better, or handle customers more efficiently. Whether using Apple or Android apps, businesses should take advantage of the range of apps available, and find a set of tools which can help them to work smarter. Choosing the right app for your business just got easier with this selection of some of the best ones available right now in 2014.

1)  Wifi Finder

Top of the list because no app can be used without Internet connection, the Wifi finder is the essential tool for employees that need to be constantly connected to the web. This is perfect for the entrepreneur, as it allows them to keep contact with the outside world during those early days when the company needs to find its feet and build customer confidence.

2)  FedEx Office

An essential tool for large and small businesses alike, this app allows users to send documents, images or files easily through their phone to a FedEx company, where it is printed or turned into a presentation display. Upload files from any location, including DropBox or Google, and have it sorted today.

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3) OneDrive

If you want to use FedEx Office to print files, then you need regular access to it. OneDrive helps Nokia users to save files and folders. DropBox is another alternative app.

4)  Splashtop

Want to look at work from home? Splashtop allows company owners to view their work computer from a mobile. It is relatively inexpensive, and is ideal for the business owner who can’t let go, even at the weekend.

Convenient Business 10 Of The Best Business Apps For 2014

5)  Pocket

Another way to transport files is through Pocket. This app is great for entering ideas at the last minute, from tiny memos to serious reports. Pocket will also send this information to linked electronic devices, ensuring that all folders are safe.

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6) LinkedIn

A great resource for companies, LinkedIn works for companies hiring freelancers all the way through to those offering services. Its range of innovative features unite people and help them to work together.

7)  Pages

Pages, and Numbers, its sister app, is the ideal way to manage files, spreadsheets and text on an iPad. Very affordable, Pages offers plenty of features to help business owners create their perfect file. It also allows users to save files in PDF, which is ideal for presentations or for document conversions.

8) Invoice2Go

Getting an invoice together at short notice can be difficult, but with Invoice2Go, users have a perfect business app that will allow them to track invoices, orders and even choose purchases from a mobile. The feature will also allow businesses to add PayPal click options, so transfers can be carried out on the app.

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9) Expensify

An app to let you manage your expenses more efficiently, this allows logging, capturing and managing of all expenses, with receipt images being stored on the app. With its reporting capability, this app also allows delivery of receipts to Accounts on the same day.

10)  WebEx

Want to attend a conference while away from the office? WebEx could be the perfect app for busy company owners who want to join in with a web conference. There is a video and camera feature, in addition to reporting features that allow users to upload files and documents to the conference, meaning presentations, number debates and spread sheets can be seen by everyone.

Damian Coates is the Commercial Accounts Director at Essex based IT support company- Utilize. Damian believes that there is an incredible amount of innovative apps out there that can make running a business a little easier.