What To Know Before Traveling To Puerto Rico

You can travel to Puerto Rico in many ways. At every moment, 588 flights are on their route between the USA and Puerto Rico.

There are 30 flights that are heading to the Caribbean, and 28 that are going to Central and South America weekly. It is also the main cruise center in the Caribbean. Thousands of travelers arrive by boat daily. It’s a truly an amazing country and should be a part of your tourism plan fore sure. It’s not something that you should miss out on.

Interesting facts about Puerto Rico

But, no matter how many ways there are, you need to know some things about Puerto Rico before you go there. You should always inform yourself when visiting a strange country, just to be sure. Knowing the little hazards, but also what beautiful things to visit is essential. You need to know about currency, the languages, all the basic info about that country you are visiting. So, to clear things up a little bit and introduce you to the country a little more, we’ve created this Puerto Rico interesting facts for your information.

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1. The official Languages in Puerto Rico are Spanish and English

You’ll see when you go there, most of the residents there speak English.

2. The official Currency in Puerto Rico is the US dollar

 because Puerto Rico is a US commonwealth.

What To Know Before Traveling To Puerto Rico

3. There’s a subtropical rainforest called El Yunque

which is the only subtropical rainforest that is in the US National Forest Service. It’s an amazing place, and if you visit Puerto Rico, it’s a place you can’t pass by.

4. The main drink in Puerto Rico is rum

 In statistics, more than 70% of all the rum that is sold on US ground comes from this country. So, it’s a must try. Pick a quality bottle of rum and enjoy yourself. You can also tour some rum distilleries, which are pretty cool.

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5. You can find the Biggest Single Dish Radio Telescope in Puerto Rico

 It’s almost 20 acres big. Fun fact, it’s the only one of it’s kind that can, with accuracy, predict the time and place where an Asteroid might hit earth. It’s also the satellite dish that created the first images of an asteroid ever.

6. You can find one of the longest zip lines in the world

in Puerto Rico – the La Bestia. You can travel over 4700 feet on that zip line.

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7. Puerto Rico is home to some of the only biobays in the world

 They are bioluminescent bays. There are actually three, and you can ride a kayak or take a boat through them.

8. You don’t need a passport if you are a US citizen since Puerto Rico.

If you are visiting from any other country than the US, you’ll need a visa. The purpose of your visit will be the determining factor on which visa you need. If you are just planning a tourist visit, you’ll need the standard 90 day non immigrant vista. On the other hand, specialized visas will be needed.

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