Sagging Breasts In Teens: What Options Do You Have?

If you have noticed your breasts starting to droop, don’t fear. Sagging breasts often happen at some point in time or another. While it often occurs when you are an adult getting ready to go through menopause, that doesn’t mean you aren’t prone to having it happen at some other point in time. Even though it isn’t all that common for teenage girls to end up with sagging breasts, it can happen if you have extremely large breasts or exercise on a regular basis.

Preventing your breasts from sagging in the first place is a lot easier than trying to overcome the sagging. If you have noticed your breasts sagging, there are some options available to get them back where they need to be.

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Sagging Breasts In Teens: What Options Do You Have?

What’s the Normal Shape of the Breast?

It might surprise you to know that your breasts actually develop in five different stages. Right before puberty, your breasts will develop from nothing more than a raised nipple. It begins rising and growing glandular tissue until your breast turns into an adult breast. The size and shape of the breast is largely dependent on hormones, genetics and body weight. Every woman is different, so there is no set rule of thumb as to how big your breasts are going to be.

What Causes the Breasts to Sag?

Sagging often occurs when your skin’s elasticity in the breast is under a lot of pressure from how heavy the breast is or a tremendous amount of exercise. There isn’t one single thing that causes the breasts to sag. Smoking, losing weight, pregnancy and larger breasts are all potential reasons why your breasts might end up sagging.

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How can you Prevent your Breasts from Sagging?

Losing or gaining weight can cause your breasts to end up sagging. By eating right during your teen years, you can help prevent your breasts from getting too big. If you maintain a healthy weight, you are a lot less likely to end up losing a bunch of weight quickly, which also causes sagging. Buying a good support bra can help to give your breasts the lift and shape you desire. Get measured at one of the lingerie stores to make sure you are wearing the right size bra.

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Always wear a bra, except if you are sleeping. When playing sports, a decent bra can help to eliminate any sagging caused by exercise. Your breasts shouldn’t be spilling over the cups. They should be nice and tight, without constricting the flow of air to them. Your bra shouldn’t ride up your back either.

If you really want a surefire solution to eliminating sagging breasts, a breast lift might be the answer you need. Instead of depending on bras, nutritional intake and exercise, you can turn to something that has helped countless women just like you. Take a moment and speak with a licensed surgeon today to discuss all of the different options available to you.