Live With Convenience At 201 East 28th Street

The lovely building has been converted in the year 1966 and is owned by Chesapeake owners Cor andis situated on the N.E. Corner 201 east 28th street. The building has 20 floors which contains 285 units within itself. The place has been built with all the amenities and comforts which shall be required by resident for comfort living.

Facilities of Building

The 201 east 28th street building has following facilities which are sure to make your life easy and comfortable;

  • The buildings are guarded by watchman twenty hours in a day which means your family members and kids are completely secured, even you can go out leaving your home locked with precious items inside, just because you are sure that all of it is guarded by an efficient watchman.
  • Renovated hallways and garden. The facilities of garden can be enjoyed by your kids and they need not have to step out of the complex to play and enjoy, because gardens are present within the vicinity.
  • The residents are allowed to bring in their pets, the area has garage, roof deck, is near to shopping places and also has public transportation available nearby which shall help you commute to the other parts of the city.
  • Residents have been allotted parking spaces which means they need not have to worry about parking of their vehicles.
  • Elevator facilities available to climb up such tall towers.
  • The building is having 3.5, 2.5 and 4 rooms, so the resident can choose the flats according to the number of members in their family.
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Live With Convenience At 201 East 28th Street

Benefits of Living Here

People are in search of convenience and peace when they are looking out for a home for themselves and these places are not at all easy to find. However the perfect choice in this case is 201 east 28th street N.E which gives you all what you want. Not only this, the housing society main focus is to provide you healthy and comfortable living. Keeping all this into consideration they have appointed experts and friendly staff who shall help you out to solve any of your problems. It is very normal that people residing in may face issues relating to electricity or water or something else, hence the housing society have employed experts who on your call are available for your service. They make sure that the things are repaired within time.

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Stay Connected

The building society keeps you connected to almost every part of the city, while shifting some of the below mentioned may keep bothering you i.e.

  • Is public transport is available for commuting?
  • Is your office reachable within minimum time?
  • Are schools available for comfortable and good schooling of your kid?
  • What about the entertainment facilities like shopping malls, restaurants or theatres?

They understand your concern and you will be happy to know that all of this has been taken care off. You can get the public transportation easily, which shall be used to commute to your office. The society is surrounded with some of the best schools in town, which shall facilitate the best education for your children, not only this your kid need not have to go far because almost all the schools are situated nearby the buildings thus making it comfortable for you and your kid. The entertainment facilities are also located nearby where you can hang out with your friends and family and have lovely time with them.

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The kind of facilities and benefits the housing society is offering, it seems to be quite a luring offer. So what are you waiting for be the first one to get an accommodation booked for yourself and your family such that you can make your life convenient and comfortable?