Budget 24/7: The Unrelenting Zen-ness Of Saving Money

Take a few deep breaths, focus your mind, and stop your inner dialogue. Now peer down at the pile of bills below you without guilt, fear, or unhappiness. Simply devise a plan to move past these obstacles through awareness and a Zen mindset. Be aware of your debt crisis, and move forward.

Concentrate on being in the now; don’t worry about developing a strategy yet. Simply realize that you have spent too much and need to find a way out of debt. Where did your problem come from? The answer won’t stay hidden long if you are truly honest with yourself. The typical culprits will come up I’m sure, but consider this: how frequently you eat out, or on average spend. Consider things that aren’t important, and moreover how often you spend money on them. Everyone has their hobbies, sure, but vices are the real criminal to those in debt. Think of all the distraction in your life that you spend money on, sure, everyone goes to concerts and has a great time, but think about your sending. Ask yourself “Was that fourth ginger mojito really a good idea?”

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To keep your head above financial waters, it is most important to understand you needs. Rent, food, gas, etc. These are things you need to pay for, and evaluating your income in the second most import. Do you get paid from regular salary, hourly? If you can expect a certain income every month planning should be easy. If not that is okay, too.

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Budget 24/7: The Unrelenting Zen-ness Of Saving Money

You’ll want to dispose of your multiple credit cards, use only one, if any. These will be your emergency only cards. From now on, you’ll carry cash to give a physical reminder of your spending habits. Controlling your spending and being aware of what you purchase and when is key. But now we need to rid you of the debt your past self has accumulated. Consider consolidating your debt through a negotiation service.

You can use the world wide web of distractions to help though, if you stay focused.  There are plenty of sites on the blogosphere that can provide tips and tricks to rid your financial woe. They exist in three main categories.

  1. Those in debt: find tips on how to settle your debt, get help consolidating your debt, and make payment plans.
  2. Those who are out of debt. Congratulations! Now you need to plan for the future and avoid falling back into your old ways.
  3. The final group is for those who are out of debt and are saving. Retirement, investment, and stable plans for mortgages. This is where you want to be!
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There you have it, stay in the moment, and never spend more than you can afford. Live like this and your spending habits will fall into place with your inner Zen. Stop living pay check to pay check.  Start living in the moment.