Getting Smart With A San Antonio Water Softener

If you live in San Antonio, like I do, you are being supplied with water that is technically called hard water. With hard water, you do not know how bad off you are until you get to use regular, so called, soft water. My family and I have lived in San Antonio all our lives and I only learned about the downside of using hard water when I left for college. During the first college holidays, I begged my parents to get a San Antonio water softener for our home.

Water, especially rain water in its natural form, starts out as soft. However, after it soaks underground, it seeps through layers of rocks that have minerals and lime which mixes with the water to make it hard. This kind of water is not overtly harmful to the body when consumed and is, as a matter of fact, known to be a source of magnesium and calcium, two important supplementary minerals required by the body.

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This kind of water did, however, bring with it negative effects in other areas of our lives. An example is that all our lives, we have come to live with a rock like hard crust that builds up anywhere we heat water often. I am talking about water heating systems, electric coffee makers and even tea pots.

Getting Smart With A San Antonio Water Softener

The crusts on our teapots have not been such a big problem until they started to chip away and we could find hard debris at the bottom of our teacups. On the other hand, the crusts on the coffee making machines and water boiling systems would lead to other bigger problems where the systems would no longer work and had to be replaced, at a cost of course.

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When it came to washing cutlery and other dishes, doing the laundry or any other area that required the use of soap, we had to use conspicuously large amounts of soap to get the results we needed. Again, lather did not form readily as it should have according to the “how to use” labeling. This led to higher soap bills.

As a child, I had suffered bouts of eczema which I later came to discover was a result of regular use of hard water. This is the only health side effect of using hard water that I know off. Signs of noticeable cardiovascular problems could be the result of taking soft water as opposed to hard water for soft water does not have the minerals hard water has. People living in non hard water environments need to up their mineral supplements either naturally by eating the right foods or with tablets.

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We finally settled on Atex Plumbing of San Antonio to install a water softener into our home. The company is professional and clean. The system was installed in a place where it offered no interference to the normal lives we had before it came and they regularly check on it. They can be reached at and they give same day service.

The soft water benefits I got to enjoy while at college is now available to our family here at home. The soap bills are much lower and our hair and skin feels softer and smoother. The coffee tastes better too.