Tips For Healthy Eating During The Summer

During the spring we all made some changes in our eating habits, especially since in most cases we want shake off those extra kilos that have accumulated over the winter. Already in the summer there are some nutritional guidelines that can be carried out to keep fit and lead healthy and balanced diet advantage especially seasonal foods.

Healthy Foods to Consume during the Summer

The diet should be continued during the summer with a balanced structure although meals will always be lighter, this point still important because high temperatures can easily cause dehydration, hence the importance of drinking more fluids and always prioritize the consumption of all types of fresh foods, particularly vegetables and fruits that provide water, vitamins and minerals to the body.

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Foods like cereals, dairy, meat and oils should not be eliminated from the diet consumed in summer but reasonable as they represent a major component of good nutrition providing the body calcium, iron and protein. Always remember that fruits and green vegetables contain antioxidants that help delay skin aging, fighting free radicals, including diet about 6 to 8 glasses of water per day or similar alternatives such as iced tea in all its varieties from red to green tea, black and red.

Tips For Healthy Eating During The Summer

Foods that should be avoided during the Summer

Avoid excessive consumption of fat by choosing lean dairy foods either low-fat cheese or lean cuts of meat and it is recommended not to consume canned foods. Plan a weekly menu help make shopping for foods that really are healthy and eat a varied diet, trying to eat a variety of foods and always increasing purchasing those are cool.

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Keep Food properly in the Summer

The food preservation is an important issue in any season, but during the summer it is necessary to note the care because high temperatures can damage in a few hours if they are not kept in the refrigerator in covered containers.

So, go on the cooked food the upper shelves while all raw foods are placed in the lower, so any residue that may eventually affect what is already cooked avoided. For reheating chilled food is made ??with only the portion that is to eat because it cannot be heated more than once preparations.

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Food to take to the Beach

Put food on the beach you can always take a conservative will have to keep them at optimal temperature and prevent loss of cold chain.

In case of sandwiches is best to prepare chicken, cold meat and tomato always using thin slices of bread, while fruits can be peeled, whole or cut but airtight containers.