Corbett – The Safe Haven To Some Of The Most Magnificent Endangered Species

Nowhere in India will you discover an untamed life asylum so composed all around as you would in Corbett National Park. The Park is well known for being the country’s greatest tiger stronghold. The widely acclaimed National Park is the most established national park in India. Built up in 1936, it was named after Jim Corbett who devoted his lifetime attempting to save the tigers in this a portion of India. Offering safe house to India’s huge people of Tigers and awesome elephants, Corbett National Park is a most searched for consequent to landing place for the wildlife junkies.

Corbett also makes for a perfect weekend getaway for people living in neighbouring towns and cities. It takes about 5 hours by a Delhi to Jim Corbett taxi and is mostly visited during the months of November to June although it is visited during the summers as well. Close to one lakh people visit this national park annually and although the Bengal tiger is the star focus of the national park, you can also spot other rare animal species like wild hogs, puma, different types of deers and sambar. Although it is known to be the stronghold for the Bengal tigers, keep in mind that a single visit does not guarantee a proper sighting of te this rare magnificent specimen. The hardly come out of their habitat or resting place and if unlucky you may not spot even a single one even with binoculars.

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Corbett National Park is one of the best basic destinations where the wealthiest joinings of widely varied vegetation happen. Safaris in an open open jeep or maruti gypsys are the best way to deal with discovers the incredibleness and wild of the Corbett.The recreation center additionally protects 600 sorts of birds and plays home to more than 500 sorts of flora. Corbett National Park is open 365 days a year. In any case, the perfect time to acknowledge jeep safari is from mid of November to June.

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With the continuous trend of animals we heard of and seen throughout our life going into extinction or being pushed into the category of rare species, it should be a wakeup call for each and every one of us to preserve our wildlife. Facing the reality of our time, we may infact never get to see some of the endangered species ever in the future which gives us more reasons to pay a visit to this park especially more so if your live not far away from the National park.