NCAA Football: What Teams Are Competing For The BCS Bowl

With only a few weeks left until the NCAA Football season comes to an end, the final 4 spots may have already been decided. With Clemson, Alabama, Oklahoma and Iowa all at the top of their conferences and in the polls.

As it stands now, approaching week 14, the top four playoff contenders are Clemson, Alabama, Oklahoma and Iowa with Ohio State and Notre Dame recently dropping out of the top 4 recently.There is still a lot of football to be played this NCAA 2015-2016 season. Let’s fast forward to December 6th. The big day, the day when the final decision for this season’s playoff participants will be announced. Will your team make the cut?

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NCAA Football: What Teams Are Competing For The BCS Bowl

2015-2016 NCAA Football Playoff Predictions

As it stands now the sports betting experts are predicting that three of the four currently ranked teams will participate in the playoffs: Clemson, Alabama, Oklahoma and Iowa as is. However, Michigan State, Ohio State and Stanford are hot on their tails. All seven of these teams have qualified to play for their division titles this Saturday.

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Clemson will be playing number ten ranked North Carolina tar heels. Alabama will be playing number eighteen rank University of Florida. Oklahoma will be facing number eleven rank Oklahoma State. Probably the most exciting game will be when Iowa plays Michigan Sate, both team will be playing to the number 4 spot in the BCS Playoffs. The winner will most likely make it into the BCS Playoffs.

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This is going to be a very exciting weekend of football as team all around the nation play for their conference titles. Some teams are still in the mix for the BCS Bowl. The experts at are not giving to much detail on who they think will win. Be sure to sign up for one of their packages to see who they pick to win.