Premier League Match

A staple in England for centuries has been its passionate and sometimes overzealous love for the game of football (soccer to any American’s reading) and its numerous teams that reside in the surrounding area. From Chelsea, Liverpool, West Ham United, Manchester United and Manchester City, a Premier League match is a great way to see some of the best athletes the world has to offer. Whether a fan of the game or not, the sheer excitement and atmosphere that surround the matches is a once in a lifetime experience for any sports fan. Rivaling any sporting event in the world, a Premier League match now offers fun for the whole family with not a bad seat in the house and well-rounded in age crowd.

With all the chanting, singing and occasional debauchery going on in the stands the incredible talent on the pitch is the constant focus of attention. Much like college football in the United States, Premier League match days are filled with team colors, passionate fight songs (sung in and outside of the stadium) and a wide variety of character-like fans on both sides in the stands. The opening ceremonies and team walkouts onto the field will truly give you goosebumps, especially as the home team comes out and the thousands upon thousands of supporters are singing their club’s anthem at the top of their lungs.  As a famous Premier League coach was once quoted as saying,

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Premier League Match

“Some people believe football is a matter of life and death. I can assure you it is much, much more important than that.”

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Being the best collection of footballers the planet has to offer, going to a Premier League match truly gives you a firsthand view of the best football players in the world. If you are unsure of whose who, be sure to check your program and you’ll be sure to recognize at least a name or two. When going to see Manchester City play, expect to hear players like Sergio Aguero and Yaya Toure’s names announced on several occasions, and for one if not both of them to do something special out on the pitch. Nicknamed “City” for short, Manchester City is one of the best teams in the Premier League and was runner-up last season for the league title after winning it the season before in stunning fashion. Holding just over 55,000 supporters, City’s stadium is one of the very best atmospheres in all of the Premier League and is a must stop on any tour of Manchester.

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Depending on how late or early in the season you decide to take your Premier League match excursion, you will want to make sure you dress appropriately. If you are heading to a game later in the season in late October or November, you will want to bring a scarf and some warm weather gear, with your club’s logo of course!

Any football fan (especially of the Premier League) visiting near Manchester for holiday or business, should undoubtedly check out a Premier League match with one of the best options being a Manchester City match booked by