How To Select An Enterprise Task Management Solution For Your Business

Enterprise task management software has come a long way, and with several solutions on the market that term themselves, Lean BPM or Low Code BPM, they are truly within the price range of most Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs). By deploying a task management solution, you will gain from greater efficiency and effectiveness in how work flows through your business and how you manage it.

Here are some of the top features you should be looking for in your enterprise task management solution.
Task Assignment – it is rare to find that a workflow or project can be completed by just one employee, so you will be looking for the ability to assign tasks across different staff, and even assign them to different teams and operating units. In addition, you should be able to provide different staff with the ability to assign tasks themselves, so in this way you don’t have just admins being made responsible and managers and supervisors, or even low-level workers, can just get the assignment of work done directly.

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Notifications and Accountability

A major feature to look for is notification of task status, such as how long has a task been unassigned, or who is actually working on an in-progress task, as well as who completed a task and is responsible for the work carried out.

How To Select An Enterprise Task Management Solution For Your Business

Role-based Permissions

role-based permissions will simplify your administration of the task management software, and also enhance your security when it comes to who can gain access to data, especially client and sensitive data. By assigning access permissions based on the user’s role, you are able to simply assign a specified user to the role, and this then gives them the access permissions assigned for that role. If they change jobs, are promoted or leave the company, then all you need do is add or remove them from the ascribed role and their access levels are automatically changed accordingly.

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Calendar Sync

most of us use Microsoft Outlook, and this is the primary way in which we maintain our calendars, however enterprise task management solutions will usually also come with their own calendar as part of the task management functionality. Running two calendars is hard work, and frequently messy, so it is essential that you have ability to automatically sync your calendars across platforms.


whether it be files, documentation or images, it is important that you have the ability to attach files and maintain a central repository for use by users. The ability for documentation to follow a piece of work through the business process is indispensable, and the ability to take photos of work product received from a previous step or completed work product being passed on to the next stage, is extremely useful.

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Customer Support

while Lean BPM, or Low Code enterprise task management solutions are typically easy to use and may only require minimal IT support, you should still, nevertheless, ensure that the provider has outstanding customer support and is able to respond aggressively and promptly. Remember, your business or organization will come to rely on this solution, so it is essential that any downtime or issues are minimized and handled immediately, if not sooner!

Jane Wrythe is a business writer with a focus on business process management and the emerging field of Lean BPM. She is currently reviewing JobTraQ from Swift Software.