HTC One M8: An Amazing Smartphone With 3 Cameras

HTC One M8 the last year’s flagship smartphone differs from its predecessor HTC One M7. Differences begin with the body get more metal. Despite the increased size and a larger screen, rounded sides and comfortable keys make the smartphone more ergonomic.

Increased battery capacity offset by the increased screen size, so in terms of battery backup HTC One M8 did not bring any surprises. Like most smartphones, with an average load, the user can expect to day work. But yes there is significantly increased performance. In this respect, HTC One (M8) is no competition. The volume and the sound quality are not likely to leave opponents. If you find this parameter plays an important role, it is better smartphone simply do not find. Almost invariably shell received a number of changes specific to your version of Android. Besides the novelty appeared slot for memory cards, control gestures and secondary camera.

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HTC One M8 An Amazing Smartphone With 3 Cameras

By its work no claims, cannot be said about the resolution but, again, not all smartphone users edit and already the more print photos. Therefore, the vast majority of owners of HTC One M8 will be satisfied, especially since there is no difference for a smartphone, you’re shooting day or night – and that in both cases you will be satisfied with the result.

The HTC One M8 novelty has received just three cameras, a front with a resolution of 5 megapixels and the ability to record Full HD-video and wide-angle lens and basic, consisting of two modules – Duo Camera. The main feature of the main camera is that when shooting, the camera focuses on all caught in the frame objects, eventually going into photo editing and selecting mode UFocus, the user can change the focus point. Such a function exists in the Samsung Galaxy S5, UFocus advantage is that you do not need to run a special mode, the camera uses it by default, but you will use them or not, you decide. The only thing that we would like to add to UFocus – the possibility of expanding the focus area because it does not always desired object is completely in focus. When shooting close second chamber, you will be notified about the impossibility of work Duo Camera. The camera focuses instantly.

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Among other features of the application for overlapping effects seasons: fall, winter, summer, spring. Panorama shooting, the updated feature HTC Zoe, a double shooting (simultaneous use of the front and rear camera) the possibility of overlapping effects as blur, creating 3D-images, etc. All of this should be more than enough for most users, well, those who frequently engage in editing photos on your smartphone, you still need to install custom applications.

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Interface viewfinder found new functionality. You can save the settings as a separate file, however, as the switch between them, we could not understand. Among shooting modes: Macro, HDR, portrait, landscape, text, and manual settings. When adjusting the user can set the color temperature, white balance value, ISO (from 100 to 1600), shutter speed (from 4 to 1/8000) and focus. In short, HTC One M8 is a great camera phone, now new innovation could be find in the upcoming HTC One M10.