Florist Supplies To Make Every Occasion Perfect

Floristry is a well-known art form, used to create stunning bouquets and flower arrangements of all shapes and sizes. Flower arrangement is perhaps, the most perfect gift for all occasions, regardless of its nature- formal or casual. Many flower arrangement websites offer affordable flower delivery services as well. Talking about floral bouquets, there are several things that you need to purchase to make it the apt one that grabs everyone’s attention. Irrespective of the fact whether you are planning to open your small boutique floral shop or is it just a hobby for you, the flower supplies are a must-have. 

Florist Supplies To Make Every Occasion Perfect

Tools that Florists Rely On

Professional florists rely on a number of tools that make it easier for them to arrange flowers in a bouquet. Seasonal flowers are often used to make these bouquets. Tools like Secateurs are used to cut thicker flower stems. You can also make use of the floral scissors to trim the leaves and the flower petals as per the demands of your bouquet. Floral scissors are mostly used to cut thinner stems as well. Many professionals use wire-cutters to cut through the artificial flower stems. To make the corsages small, magnets are quite useful. 

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Florist Foam is a must-have Element in your Floral Arrangement Kit

Also known as Oasis, Florist Foam is a kind of material that is specifically designed to hold the flowers in a particular fashion. This florist foam is of utmost importance, in case you want to create beautiful wreaths and floral displays of distinct patterns. If you go through the florist supply websites or the local florist supply store you will see that there are many kinds of foam available in the market that vary largely in shapes and sizes. You can pick up the foams depending on the kind of bouquet you are making. The brick-shaped foams are mostly used for the table displays. You can also opt for the letter shapes and wreaths for a unique creation. These foams can also be cut into pieces to give them the desired shape. 

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Vials – Another Important thing in your Bouquet Kit

Vials or water vials are as essential part of any bouquet kit. The inclusion of these vials in any bouquet keeps the flowers hydrated for a longer period, therefore the bouquet remains fresh and you can actually keep them for days. These vials are available in huge ranges of sizes, which can be used depending on the size of the bouquet you have. Vials come along with pointed ends, so that it becomes easy for you to insert them in the florist foam to keep each flower in its place, without making the bouquet too messy. 

Make use of the Wire and Tape to Keep the Bouquet in Shape

Wires and tapes are used in most of the floral arrangements to keep the flowers in place. Often when you make bouquets without tapes and wires, they catch misplaced. Here, you have to remember that normal tapes are not used in bouquets. A specific kind of tape is used, which are known as ‘Floral Tape’. Floral tape comes either in green color or in color of the stem, which makes your bouquet look more natural. Aluminum or copper-coated wires are used in most cases; however, you will find different types of wires of many colors. Cellotape can be used at the bottom to keep the floral foam in place. You can also use colorful ribbon to make a bow for a beautiful finish.

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At the end of the day, it is all about your creativity. Make use of your creativity to make floral arrangements that wins your loved one’s heart as soon as they receive them.

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