Wilton’s Cake Decorating Tips And Ideas And Equipment

A cake is the center-piece at any occasion. There are professional bakeries that cater to all kinds of events, and they make use of such decorating techniques and equipments that make the cake resemble almost any shape, in any color. However, even when you are making a cake at home, you have to decorate your cake with care, so that it looks all the more attractive. Whether you are baking for a birthday party, or for Christmas, you can use wilton cake decorating ideas and equipment to make them look like it was made by a professional. Round cakes, star-shaped cakes, square cakes, abstract cakes, pillow cakes, multi-tiered cakes and every other type of cake requires a special tool and special decorations.

Icing For Cake Decoration: Icing is one of the easiest, and more fundamental forms of decoration for a cake. Irrespective of whether you are a professional or a home cook, it is absolutely essential that you coat your cake with a layer of icing before decorating it in any other way. Icing makes sure that your cake has a smooth finish, and removes all the surface crumbs from the cake. It can be applied and smoothened with the help of an icing spatula that Wilton also has on offer.

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Wilton's Cake Decorating Tips And Ideas And Equipment

There are several types of icing, at you can use. Butter cream is the most common type, which is easiest to make and apply. You can also add some food coloring to get different shades. Snow-White butter cream is mostly used in wedding cakes and is almond flavored. Wilton has their own butter cream mixes and even chocolate icing and ganache mixes that can make your cake look as taste spot-on. They also offer whipped-icing mix, fluffy boiled icing mix which tastes like marshmallows, etc.

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Cake Decorating Basics: When you are decorating a cake, you have to have some equipment ready, so that you can shape, sculpt, pipe and attach different elements of your cake. Wilton offers a whole range of cake decorating products to help you do just that. A spatula and a piping bag are the basic tools that you need to smoothen the icing on your cake, and then pipe more butter cream and icing in different shapes and patterns, through different nozzles. The icing that you are applying on the cake also has to be the right consistency so that it does not mask the taste of the cake itself.

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You can refer to many different icing recipes to get the perfect consistency, or else you could also use ready-made mixes When you are using fondant, you have to make sure that you roll out the fondant in equal thickness, and ten use a fondant smoother to smoothen the wrinkles and remove all the air pockets. Gum paste, fondant flowers, royal icing, isomalt, are other things that are used to decorate a cake. No matter what kind of cake you want to decorate, wilton cake decorating equipment and tools can make your cake look like it was assembled and created by a professional.

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