Buying Instagram Followers: What You Should Know

The industry of buying Instagram followers seems to be reaching fever pitch as more people jump onto the social media bandwagon. Many bloggers have even switched from writing blogs to solely having a visual blog through Instagram and buying followers for their account. Hoping this form of communication will cast the spotlight on them as it has for so many others. It seems like no matter who you are you have probably bought Instagram followers or thought about it. However, before pulling out your credit card, consider the points below and see if buying Instagram followers is really worth the money.

Numbers Gets You Noticed

Unfortunately for the genuine artists, people don’t search to find new and original work; they prefer to see what has already been seen before. So the more popular you seem, the more Instagram followers your have, the more people will click and view your profile. This is one of the main reason why people buy Instagram followers.

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Everyone Does It

Many people who start out on Instagram purchase followers because they’ve heard about it so often that it seems normal. There are not really any consequences as of yet and it seems the give you a bit of a boost and the attention needed for a kick start. It is so common that songs, #selfie, mentions buying Instagram followers.

Buying Instagram Followers: What You Should Know

It’s Just A Numbers Game

At the end of the day it’s just a number’s game. The Instagram followers that have been purchased won’t interact or engage with your account. Keep that in mind when you make the purchase. Twenty dollars isn’t much to pay for a little credibility but do you really want to spend hundreds for a boost in numbers.

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The More You Buy The More Obvious It Looks

When buying Instagram followers keep in mind that the larger your amount of followers you have the easier it is for people to realize that they have been bought. How could an account have a hundred thousand followers and each photo only get twenty or so likes? Buying Instagram followers only increases the number but that doesn’t mean your profile is being view. Therefore not helping with building an online profile in the long run.

Numbers Dropping

The numbers do drop so be aware of this when purchasing the followers. Some of the businesses that provide Instagram followers do offer redelivery but many are more likely just to take your money and leave. It is a dirty industry, they are hacking Instagram, and breeching the terms and conditions of use. If you participate in the business of buying Instagram followers you must take the good and the bad. You wouldn’t go back to your drug dealer and ask for a refund because the high wasn’t good enough would you?

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Considering all the points mentioned above is it really worth buying Instagram followers. Perhaps at the very beginning to look less like a newbie but the more you buy the more you have to continue buying to keep up the façade. Pretty similar to a drug addiction I would say.