A Quick & Healthy Detox

Wedding season is coming up and how many invites have you got? I have three! One is in two weeks – I know I’m preparing late but I have just been so busy (typical excuse I know)! So I’ve got two weeks left ‘til the first wedding and I have been having a little google around as to see what I can be doing for the next few weeks to make sure my skin, hair, nails, body and stomach are in the best possible shape they can be.  I’m not expecting miracles, but sometimes a bit of concerted effort is just enough to feel better in yourself on a big day.

First of All, Reign in your Diet

With as little time as me you have to accept that you aren’t going to be losing much weight. That doesn’t mean there’s no hope though. It then becomes more about making sure you’ve shed those extra water weight pounds, and avoid being bloated, and are feeling ready to throw on your summer (I know that’s optimistic) dresses.

Drink plenty of water – I know you probably read about this all the time, but it’s not being said everywhere for no reason.  The number of health benefits of drinking plenty of water daily are vast.  You should be aiming for about 3 litres – yes, I said 3! Researchers have suggested that drinking water combats dry skin, flushing out toxins and bacteria. This means that if you are able to prevent dehydration it will improve the appearance of skin, giving a healthier and more youthful look.Dehydration also causes more wrinkled looking skin, so keeping hydrated improves your skin’s tightness too.

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Water is also a well-known metabolism booster, so don’t just sip, glug! Research has shown that drinking half a litre of water within 30-40 minutes can increase how fast your body burns calories by up to 30%.

By cutting back on the carbohydrates you can instantly lose a few pounds. Even a modest reduction in consumption of carbohydrate-rich foods may promote loss of deep belly fat. Try switching your lunch time snacks to a handful of nuts, some raspberries and a salad instead of your normal packet of crisps and ham sandwich.

A Quick & Healthy Detox

Second, Exercise

Unfortunately there are not many detox’s that don’t involve even a bit of exercise – even if it’s just trying to walk to work or taking a stroll in your lunch break, it all helps, if you have the chance to go to the gym or even book a personal trainer session then go for it! They will be able to show you easy exercises that you can do at home with no help and no extra equipment required.

Make sure to drink plenty of water during exercise – you will be able to exercise better! Water helps fuel your muscles, so drinking before or during exercise will boost energy, as well as reduce the likelihood of cramps and sprains.  Luckily for me, I’ve got some friends who run a weight loss boot camp in Milton Keynes and Bedford, so they were able to book me in for a last minute blitz!

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Third, Pamper Yourself

Take time out. I know we are all very busy but if we really prioritise it, we can make time – and we should – for ourselves on a regular basis.  If you can afford to then book in for a couple of sun bed sessions before the big day, take the time out to have a bath, exfoliate your skin and moisturise.  By doing this it will make you instantly feel better, smoother, softer and it will give your skin a healthy dewy glow – combined with a bit of fake tan/sunbed tan you’ll have a gorgeous healthy sun kissed glow.

As for your nails and hair, by drinking plenty of water they should be staying nice and healthy.  Again, either treat yourself to a new colour nail vanish, or get creative with new designs, or book into a local salon to have them done professionally. Don’t forget your feet! There’s nothing worse than realising on a big day in gorgeous sandals that your toes are not pedicured or your heels are in need of some urgent attention!

If you are planning on painting your nails at home then always remember to buy a clear nail vanish too, many people think they are a waste of time, but they aren’t! By painting a clear coat on before the colour not only are you strengthening and hardening your nails but you are also protecting them from being stained the colour of your nail vanish. By adding a clear top coat on top you are making sure that the nail vanish will last longer without chipping.

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If you are after a natural looking tan with little to no smell, and you have the time to apply a lotion every day in the run up to an event, then you are best off going for a gradual every day tan, from any brand like St Tropez, L’Oreal, Garnier, Clarins etc. Personally I always use St Tropez even though it is a tad on the expensive side, as the results for me are worth the money.

Finally just before the big day drink plenty of water and get a good night’s rest, make sure you know how you are going to do your hair/makeup, you’ve broken in your shoes, your clutch bag is packed (with plasters!) and you are all set to go and enjoy the day – oh don’t forget to moisturise in the morning for that dewy glow! (Johnson’s baby oil is my secret tip for gorgeous legs!)