Dealing with Sexual Harassment at Work

It can be very difficult to notice whether you or someone you know is being sexually harassed in the workplace. Sexual harassment can involve anything from sexual advances or requests to any other type of physical or verbal harassment. To be seen as unlawful, this behavior would need to be happening so frequently or be so severe that a hostile or/and offensive work environment is created. The following is here to give you advice on how to deal with sexual harassment at work.

Confront The Person and Say Stop

Do not be afraid to confront and tell the person to stop. Make sure you say it in a firm manner to ensure that this person knows you don’t appreciate the way you’ve been treated. Say it loud enough so that other people can hear you. Maintain eye contact and tell them exactly what they did to make you feel uncomfortable.  You should not apologize or make any kind of excuses for the person making you feel uneasy. If you are a manager and notice one of your employees do this, do not be afraid to approach them and get involved.

Keep Notes or Report It

A lack of information when it comes to reporting sexual harassment can make complaining difficult for a lot of employees. Some people worry that no one will believe them or they feel ashamed or hopeless because they’re unsure of how they’re going to deal with it by themselves. Being able to speak to someone you can trust in the workplace and telling them to keep an eye on you can be beneficial. If they notice that something isn’t right, they can be a witness to support your claims. If you’re a manager worried about your employees feeling lost if they ever end up in this situation, then consider giving your employees harassment training. There are some excellent sexual harassment training courses available, some of which can be studied online. Look for a course that fits your budget and availability.

If You Are Harmed, Hire A Lawyer

If you get fired or demoted after you report that you have been sexually harassed, then you should think about contacting a civil rights attorney. Or, if you’ve reported the event to management and they don’t carry out the suitable steps to explore and bring an end to the harassment, then you should contact an attorney.

Find the Right Help and Support

Most victims will blame themselves or will have to deal with people saying things like the victim ‘asked for it.’ If you feel like you have been tormented or affected mentally, then you should look into signing up to a support group or find a professional counselor. This can help to give some victims a sense of power again. Suggesting a form of sexual harassment training to management, whether or not you have experienced it, is a great way to both prevent sexual harassment and help victims.

If you feel like you are being sexually harassed at work, then don’t be afraid to speak up and defend yourself. Management should be aware of this issue and provide the necessary training to their employees to try and prevent it. Support should always be available and employees need to be aware of this.

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