Some Unique and Interesting Business Ideas For Vans

A van is a unique vehicle. It’s not like a car, which is basically designed for personal transportation and nothing much else (the boot in the back is just for personal luggage and not for carrying loads). Neither is it like a bus; you’re not meant to pack a lot of people in the back. Nor is it like a lorry, used for bringing heavy loads from A to B. No, the van is unique – the van allows you to transport yourself and your goods, especially for your business, to and from a place of work; and the van serves as a great storage for your tools as well. It’s heavy duty and it’s very convenient. But what about using your van as solely as your profession? Check out some unique and interesting business ideas that would only be possible with vans.

The Mobile Shop

Customers appreciate having the goods they want brought to where they are located; it saves them travel time and gives them extra convenience. Rolling shops are able to sell T-shirts and caps at football matches, memorabilia to tourists and books on market fairs. It allows the merchandiser to go to the customers rather than wait for them.

The Mobile Grooming Service

Those with pets truly appreciate this extra service; dogs or cats get groomed right in front of their homes – in the environment the pet is familiar with. On appointment and with quick precision, these pet groomers do house calls.

Selling Advertising Space

Talk about passive income – all you have to do is make your van visible and earn extra income with the advertisement that is pasted on the sides. Your van has a lot of advertising space on the side and although it may not give you enough income to quit your day job, it’s a welcome side-line.

Transporting the Band

A band doesn’t always have the transportation they require – transporting a drum-set, for example, is very difficult when you using a car. Advertising as a “transportation service” to bands is often a very lucrative past-time; especially since many gigs happen in the evening, outside of office hours.

If you notice a common trait to all the businesses, it’s because there are two main components to them all: these business people make an excellent living because they take advantage of what the van is designed to do. The van is mobile and the van has space, as van specialists like Vans Direct attest. This space can be used to store the tools of the trade or it can be used as a working place; a working office or workshop. And that’s the genius of the van – it’s the perfect rolling business.

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