Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Is Still A Powerful Solution Available In The Market

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – was shown at the Berlin exhibition IFA in 2013, which has attracted much attention. Still, Koreans spent a lot of time to develop not only a great smartphone, but also to make it comfortable. It would seem that it is almost an impossible task, but if you jump ahead, say it to them perfectly managed. As a result, the market came equipped with maximum device that offers absolutely everything that you can want from a top-end device. No compromises, only the maximum possible to set the bar at a new level and a year later by the same put it even higher.

The main thing that attracts in Note 3, it is the most efficient to use space. Screen size increased only slightly, just 0.2 inches to 2012, but the novelty has become even more compact than its predecessor, and the screen is still increased. Here, away from the usual rounded shapes that were inherent in smartphone Samsung Galaxy S III and Galaxy S4. On the contrary, Note 3 was to remind the Galaxy S II, which proved to be a very good solution for its time and is available to this day, albeit in a modified version of the Samsung Galaxy S II Plus.

Like any other device with a larger screen, Galaxy Note 3 barely controlled with one hand. Theoretically afford it, you can imagine, but, in practice, is uncomfortable procedure, and without the help of the second hand will not do here.

Smartphone yet represented only in two colors, black and white. In both cases, the proposed original performance, to the touch it seems that everything is made of leather material nice, but unusual for a mobile device.

Earlier in Samsung products, this type of trim is not used. If you remove it, it is easy to see the inside of that will show the true nature of a smartphone. As usual, all collected and is excellent quality, so no issues on the part of manufacturing do not occur. Passes around the silver bezel frame surrounds the housing on all sides of the unit.

Mechanical buttons are spaced on each side: volume control is on the left, the screen lock button located on the right. They both convex and comfortable, click on them is comfortable.

Under the screen assembly of two touch keys and mechanical buttons “home”. Adjustable backlight at the touch zones and you can touch them with the stylus, making it easy to navigate through the menu. In the previous generation of such options were not present.

Above the screen there is a light sensor, front camera, the light that can shine in different lights. At the bottom there is a speaker and microUSB 3.0, the top 3.5 mm headphone port and infrared. Located behind the camera, which is located on a small hill in the center oval next flash. The battery is under a removable cover made of plastic. It blocks the bay microSIM and microSD.

In the market Galaxy Note 4 is already released but if you have the price issue, Galaxy Note 3 is still a good option. And if you could wait more then wait for next generation devices from Samsung like Galaxy S7.