Mitral Valve Surgery Gives Better Recovery To Patients

Mitral valve disease cause in the mitral valve which is located between the left chamber of the heart. Its work is to control the flow of blood from left chamber to left ventricle and it also prevent the blood to flow back to the left chamber.

When there is a problem in the mitral valve it does not work properly like it flow blood backward to the left atrium from the left ventricle this cause the disturbance in the flow of blood from the left ventricle to whole of the body it also contain the oxygen filled blood that supply the left ventricle to whole of the body but when there is a problem it does not pump blood properly to the body this disease could be serious for health of any person suffering from the mitral valve disease.

The symptoms related to the mitral valve disease that person could not breath properly because the oxygen contained blood doesn’t flow properly to the ventricle and to the lungs also. Sometimes person suffering from this disease do not feel any symptoms with respect to this disease.

If this kind of heart disease left untreated it may cause serious action towards the patient mostly heart failure is caused. Irregular heartbeat may also cause which is dangerous threat to life.

This is of different types; one is that the opening of the valve becomes narrow second one is that blood leaks from the atrium and flow back and third one is that valve close completely.

The solution to this disease is Mitral Valve Surgery which is now a best way to cure this disease. The surgery can be done by replacing the valve or by repairing it. The method of repairing the valve is doctor pump the balloon to open up the valve and the second one is to repair the valve this is mostly used when the whole of the valve is dead. The blocked valve is replaced from human cadaver and this can also be placed by cow, pig cadaver. The patient needs mitral valve surgery when his/her valve is fully blocked or blood leak from the atrium and the also when the valve is damage.

There are two types of the surgery;

  • Open mitral valve surgery
  • Manually invasive surgery

Doctors make small incisions to reach to the heart of the patient in manually invasive surgery. It is not much risky as the other one. Open mitral valve surgery is done by doctors they open the chest bone to reach the heart of the patient. This surgery is taken when the valve is damaged or it has to be replaced.

There are many benefits of the mitral valve surgery it gives better quality of life. It can also gve prolong life to the patient. It doesn’t fully recover heart but the causes of major issues after the operation doesn’t take place. The surgery gives the patient of mitral valve disease a new life if it be handled carefully after the successful operation.