Fashion Forecast: Top 10 Sexiest Fashion Trends For 2017

2017 is shaping up to be one of the sexiest years in recent history – and you can thank the fashion industry for turning on the heat. The runways have already been replete with slinky, saucy and seductive styles, and in a few short months, these trends are going to hit the streets.

Get ready. Here’s what’s in store.

1) Single-Shoulder Cut-Out

We’ve seen double shoulder cut-outs, off the shoulder designs, and we’ve been going completely shoulderless for years, but in 2017, we’re going to see single-shoulder cut-outs. No, not draping off a single shoulder, but the shoulder of the garment is going to be cut out, revealing a totally seductive little peep show.

2) Short White Shirt Dresses

Pairing one of the most pure colours with a lot of leg secures this trend a spot on our list. Belted or loose and flowing, white shirt dresses leave just enough to the imagination. One Teaspoon offers a variation of this look, so you’ll have no trouble finding something to suit you perfectly.

3) Cinching Belts

You may have seen these waist-cinching, hour-glass figure enhancing accessories around already, and come 2017, they’ll be a wardrobe staple. Bringing a little lingerie to the surface of your look, these mid-section trainers accentuate the female form, big time, and can be used to add structure and style to just about any look, from polished business attire to a more bohemian ensemble.

4) Trench Coat

Nothing says impending indecent exposure like a trench coat. These signature pieces basically scream you’re wearing nothing underneath – though (unless you’re trying to surprise someone special) – you probably should. Like all truly sexy attire, trenches hint at sexuality, without explicitly putting it on display.

5) Leather

From boots to belts to bracelets, to dresses, tops and pants – leather is timelessly sleek and sexy, and of course, it’s one of 2017 signature trends. And for those who wouldn’t be caught dead in animal hide, rest assured many designers are using vegan leather these days – especially for the invariably trendy leather leggings.

6) Pretty in Pink

Pink is in for 2017, and it’s many sexy shades mean anyone can sport this cheeky and playful colour. Embrace your inner girly-girl and don it! (But for the record, bubblegum pink is the heavy hitter.)

7) All Eyes on Neck!

Layering necklaces with chokers is one of the biggest fashion accessory trends of 2017, and it makes the cut as one of our sexiest because the look draws attention to the ever-attractive neck and collar-bone area.

8) Platform Boots

The material and colour don’t matter – platform boots are sexy, period. These easy to wear, easy to walk in boots instantly give your butt a lift, making you stand taller, and feel more confident – not to mention how they lengthen your legs!

9) Faux Fur Stoles

Here’s a sexy trend that will help keep you warm during the cool nights of 2017 – and you can rock it without guilt. A faux fur stole is a great way to complete a look with old school sensuality and sophistication.

10) Leggings

Who says being sexy can’t be comfortable? Leggings are continuing to be a hot trend, and the spread of textures, colours and styles mean you can wear them anywhere. Of course, their body hugging nature makes them super sexy as well as versatile.

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