How to Host the Perfect Superhero Party for Kids

What child doesn’t love superheroes? The adventures, special abilities, and chance to save the world are appealing to children (and adults!) of all ages. This is why a superhero party can be the perfect option for your kids. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, the end of a school year, or hosting your children’s sports teams,… Continue reading How to Host the Perfect Superhero Party for Kids

Why Everyone Should Swim

Everybody should swim. Local swimming pools should always be busy. Sadly they are not and even sadder is learning that many have closed as a result. Yet there are so many benefits to be gained from swimming, the most obvious being that water can be a real risk to life. Here though we look specifically… Continue reading Why Everyone Should Swim

Working In Mental Health

Whether you’re just now looking at your choice of GCSEs or are established in a career in medicine and looking for a change, one of the major areas you’ll be considering are mental health jobs. What is like working in mental health? What options are available? Depending on your training and education, working in mental… Continue reading Working In Mental Health

Holiday and Training

You probably have a training course at home or a membership at your local gym, but the problem is you are travelling. Whether you are going on a business trip or a vacation, this does not mean that you should stop training. It is not a challenge since you can exercise outdoors, in your room… Continue reading Holiday and Training