5 Things A Man Needs To Dress For Success

Todays work field is highly competitive, with everyone fighting to make an impression that says, “YES! Hire me!” With economic concerns and rising costs in living, it is imperative that you nail the interview, secure the job and look fabulous doing so. Here are five tips on how to do just that.

The Suit

The suit is the foundation of your attire and the possibilities to accessorize are endless. What constitutes as a suit nowadays depends on the job. Clearly careers in the professions of law or banking require a full on sophisticated suit, jacket and all; however sales, insurance representatives and even clergy are not always held to the traditional standard. In fact, some are sporting blazers with jeans. Research your professions attire before applying for the job or showing up over or under dressed!

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5 Things A Man Needs To Dress For Success

The Shirt

Regardless of the suit requirements, a nice dress shirt is a must. Consider a dress shirt with stripes and bright colors to bring out those eyes. Plaid is trending in the world of men’s fashion dress shirts and will certainly stand out above the plain, old, boring white shirt and tie.

The Tie

While some professions may not require wearing a tie, keep in mind when applying for a job you always want to dress one suit up from what your normal work attire requirements will be. This ensures that you look great, give off that professional vibe and shows the interviewer you are serious about landing the job. A traditional long tie will certainly do the trick; however bow ties are in right now and will make you stand out a cut above the rest. Bow ties come in a variety of materials and colors from silk to snazzy paper looks. Steampunk is trending in a big way and is sure to be a hit.

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The Bag

A bag is a crucial part to your ensemble. Not only is it beneficial with the obvious practical functions of use; but it adds flair to your appearance and screams professional. One could consider a simple briefcase as a sufficient bag for the fit; however tote bags are youthful, practical additions that have several other uses, in addition to work needs. Canvas totes are durable, while maintaining a clean, professional appearance. Many totes feature adjustable straps so that they can actually be carried as a briefcase, or you can lengthen the strap for a shoulder bag or gym tote for after your hard day at the office.

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The Buckle

Whether you are wearing slacks or rocking designer jeans, a belt is a necessary item for your successful get-up. The belt buckle it is a great way to showcase your personality and give your attire that sophisticated flair. Choose a buckle that is subtle in color, so that you can pair it with several different outfits. The right buckle can be used for both work and off work apparel.

Now that you have created your dress for success attire, you can accessorize or keep it simple. Consider handmade, leather bracelets or a classic wrist watch, to polish your look. Remember keep your head up, eyes focused and exude confidence, and you are sure to be a huge success.

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