Renown Cello-Player wins $11M from a Slip and Fall Lawsuit

The lawyer of a celebrated cello player won a Westchester County jury verdict for about $11 million as a result of a slip and fall claim on black ice in March 2016.  His client claimed that she sustained injuries after falling in the parking space of a gourmet food market. This injury has since impeded her instrument playing ability.

The cello-player whose name is Jessica Elkhatib was a “Kinky Boots” orchestra player on Broadway and linked to one of Beyonce’s albums. Ms Elkhatib who is 40 and a mother of one was also a musician at show which featured Katy Perry and Michael Buble in March 2016.

Ms Elkhatib filed a lawsuit against Balducci’s market in Scarsdale. That’s the place where she claimed to have fallen in the parking space on black ice around early January 2016, as reported by the court paperwork and testimony.

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Ms Elkhatib sustained injuries on her elbow, slipped disc in her spine and a fractured shoulder, reports her attorney Jason Paris, to the New York Post.

She and her lawyer stated that she sustained injuries which hindered her from playing the cello for more than five to ten minutes painlessly.

Mr. Paris stated that Jessica has been working hard for about five years to regain her playing prowess and performance on stage and she hopes to achieve this goal as soon as she can.

Paris elaborates that Jessica has spent 16 years as an orchestra elementary school teacher. She received the $10.9 million award for previous and future suffering and pain and also for subsequent health expenses that would be incurred.

Elkhatib informed the Post that she had intensely learned the cello since she was 10. Her life has been changed completely as a result of the destructive effect of the injury.

She stated that top-level musicians are aware of the level of determination and commitment, required to achieve the stage that she reached in her career.

Elkhatib continued that she is thankful for the jury’s verdict. She now looks forward to a new phase of her life.

Paris stated that although it was sad that his client had to wait long the Jury delivered justice after four long years of waiting.

The life his client lived before could never be substituted by the amount she won in a lawsuit. However, Paris elaborates that it was a welcome sight to see the support of the residents of Westchester County, in making things better.

Ms Elkhatib performed with Sam Smith on “SN” during the orchestra of “America’s Got Talent” and “Late Night with Conan O’Brien”.

The attorneys for Balducci, however, refused to offer any response to further requests.

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