A Frugal Fashionista’s Guide to an Awesome Fragrance Collection

Wouldn’t it be great to have a fragrance collection that is just-awesome? Sure it would be. Well with this nifty guide, you’ll be able to have everything you’ve ever wanted without having to break the bank. Take a look below to see how you could build the best fragrance collection that will give you something suitable for every occasion.


Fresh fragrances comprise of water, green notes and citrus too. They are very refreshing and they are zesty and vibrant too. Scents like this are usually created by using mandarin, lemon and even bergamot in some instances. If you go for a water-based fragrance then this may have notes such as sea spray, or it may have a leafy undertone. The smell in general is crisp and uplifting, not to mention that it can sometimes contain lavender too.


Floral fragrances are very popular and they are also one of the broadest too. Any fragrance that is listed as floral will usually contain notes such as lily, jasmine, rose or even peony. They are super light and delicate, so they are the opposite of more intense fragrances. If you have never smelt a perfume like this before then you should certainly give it a go because they tend to be the most popular. You can even buy discount fragrance online if you want.


Another popular fragrance is the oriental collection. Fragrances like this can be warm, spicy or even sweet. It’s not uncommon for them to have floral notes, so a lot of the scents do cross over. Perfumes and even aftershaves that belong in this family tend to be very rich and sensual. They also have a ton of interesting notes such as vanilla, orchid, jasmine, orange blossom or cinnamon. Cardamom is another note that is prevalent, but you should note that fragrances in this collection can vary greatly and that no two are the same.


Woody fragrances are very warm and they are also mysterious too. It’s a captivating scent and you’ll find that one of the most dominating notes tends to be sandalwood. It’s not uncommon to see vetiver and amber too. Fragrances like this have mossy undertones with dry wood. You may even find that sometimes they have a leathery smell which is a very appealing note in men’s aftershave.

If you are having a hard time choosing a scent that you feel as though truly relates to you then try and look at the perfumes you have right now. Do they have a note in common? Do you tend to gravitate towards a certain scent? If so, then categorise it and try and find something else that branches out a little bit but without compromising the same base notes. This will help you to build the best perfume collection and it will also help you to have something for just about any occasion. Sure, choosing perfume isn’t easy but when you know what you want, the process becomes a lot simpler.

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