Staying Fashionable while Getting Comfy

Comfortwear is now a key part of fashion. Gone are the days when you have to choose between style or comfort. Nowadays both are available to you in the same package. You may be finding it hard to know where to begin when it comes to comfortwear. It’s hard to know sometimes what is a nice hybrid of fashion and comfort, and when something is purely for the sake of comfort. So here’s a quick guide in each area of clothing to fashionable comfortwear.

Starting at the bottom, shoes in terms of comfort have often divided people. You need to look no further than crocs or uggs to see fierce debate about what was fashionable. No matter what your views on either of these types of footwear, it cannot be denied they were able to tap into the zeitgeist that people really value comfort when it comes to their feet. Nowadays there are companies such as Slydes that have bridged this gap. Offering fashionable yet extremely comfy sliders. Sliders have the added benefit of being of use in many situations, from going on holiday, working out at the gym, or as an alternative to slippers round the house.

When it comes to trousers, look no further than tracksuit bottoms. Nowadays a high label fashion piece, tracksuit bottoms aren’t just baggy pieces of floppy material. You can have anything from retro yet striking designs to luxury tracksuits made of cashmere. In short, there’s a tracksuit out there for everyone. It can be worth getting at least one high-end tracksuit bottom. These can be an alternative to the same jeans you wear every single week. It can give some variety to your styles. Especially when pairing vibrant tracksuits to plain clothing on top.

When it comes to your tops, always go baggy. Many streetwear designs have their roots in the skating world. Skating clothing is often extremely baggy, therefore it is designed to be worn so. Some big brands within streetwear, have very bold, blatant and in the foreground logos. Don’t shy away from them because of this, just be careful what you’re matching your clothes with. This is due to how wearing too many brands on top of one another can look a bit clunky and take away from the overall aspect. Therefore, when it comes to incorporating these types of brands into your look, just remember less is more.

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