Tips for Having the Perfect CBD Smoking Session

Unless you’ve been under a rock for the past three years, you have likely heard of cannabidiol, more commonly known as CBD. Much of its popularity stems from its relation to its sibling — THC — the high-inducing compound found in pot. While CBD can be taken in many ways — even through smoking it — it is very different from THC. CBD has many healing effects and even counteracts the high that is produced from taking THC.

While CBD can be ingested in pill form or food products and even absorbed into the skin as a topical ointment, smoking it can be so much fun! Don’t worry, smoking CBD won’t turn you into Cheech Marin or Tommy Chong. Its effects are medicinal and calming. It can even produce a state of mental well-being. Continue reading to see how you can make your CBD smoking session the bomb!

The benefits of smoking CBD

Now more than ever, people are enjoying the many health benefits that cannabidiol has to offer. It is useful to combat chronic pain, Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy, depression, and anxiety. It is somewhat of a natural cure-all. It is important to know exactly what you are getting before you even attempt a procurement. Reviews such as those found at can give you a rundown of what the CBD products are derived from, their potency, and how to use them.

CBD can be smoked a couple of different ways. It can be vaped in a pen or you can smoke the flowers, as many pot users do. If you live in a state where weed isn’t legal for recreational use, you have to be sure that your CBD comes from hemp and not pot. Marijuana-derived CBD is legal only in the states where marijuana is as well. Stores like CBDistillery sell only hemp-based CBD products.

Even though CBD won’t get you “high” like its sibling does, it has many good effects on both the mind and body. It is important to know what the law is regarding cannabidiol in your state. However, even in states where it is illegal, law enforcement isn’t going after CBD users the way they do marijuana users. Still, as long as your CBD is hemp-derived, then feel free to have a great smoke out.

Planning a great smoke session

Even though THC can be taken into the body through food and pills, most users choose to smoke it rather than by ingesting it through pills and food. This is because it is just as much about the smoking experience as it is about the effects felt by the smokers.

A smoke session is an opportunity to get together with other smokers and enjoy each other’s company and share a common interest. CBD users can experience the same bond that comes from a great pot smoking session.

Your smoke session can be elevated with the right accessories. If you choose to smoke hemp flowers that are heavily concentrated with CBD, then you can find some basic tools that will make your experience better. Some of the basics are roor grinders, hemp papers, and rolling machines — for those who aren’t avid rollers. You can also opt for smoking apparatuses like bongs and bowls for a more robust experience.

Right now, the most popular way for those who only want pure CBD to smoke is to vape. Vaping is healthier than smoking, and the vials that the oils come in give you the exact potency of the CBD. They also alert you to the presence and potency of THC in them — if there is any.

Set the atmosphere

If you’re smoking CBD to get the psychological benefits of it, then you should set a calming and relaxing atmosphere. Choose a specific room in your home and paint the walls a light color such as baby blue, light green, or even one of the “citrus” colors. Use incense or candles to give the room a pleasing aroma. Play relaxing music such as meditation music, reggae, or instrumental world music during your sessions. Setting the atmosphere gives you and your guests the best chance at achieving the peace and calm that you’re seeking.

CBD seems to be the wave of the future as far as natural health enthusiasts are concerned. As it gains popularity, it may even become the go-to for those who smoke tobacco out of nervous habit. Who knows? Maybe your smoke sessions will help you to find your zen.

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