Easy Design Choices That Can Elevate Your Website

It can be easy to feel lost when it comes to designing a website. When there are so many different things to consider, becoming overwhelmed and going with your gut is a surprisingly common trend for most amateur web designers. Unfortunately, while inspiration can lead the way, it is not something you can depend on when it comes to designing a site. In fact, you will find that developing a website that is both practical and entertaining is all about working smarter, and not necessarily harder.

What makes specific sites stand head and shoulders above the rest? Why are the services rendered by the experts at Website Design Oxford in such high demand? You will find that the answers are simple, but it still takes dedication and the right mindset to achieve great results. Here are a few easy design choices that can elevate your website and make it as effective as possible.

Consider the message you want to give to your visitors the moment they enter

The purpose is one of the most vital aspects of excellent web design because it shows that your website is focused. What it means is that if there is a message you want to relay to your potential clients, do so the moment they enter the website. Do not hide what your site is all about in a mess of different sections, and instead try to show what it’s about within the first ten seconds of entering your website. It isn’t easy, but it’s all about adopting the mind set of conveying the most important message of your site as soon as possible.

Design the website to be as user-friendly as possible

What user-friendly means is that you eliminate the clutter of your website, making it easier to navigate for first-time users. If your website doesn’t need a particular section to function effectively, then it likely wasn’t important, to begin with. Cut out as much clutter as possible and ensure that your users have a means of getting what they want as soon as possible. Making your website user-friendly also includes creating a dedicated layout for mobile users as well. If you can’t do that, at least ensure that your website isn’t difficult to navigate on a mobile phone.

Every element of your website must have a function

Last but not least, if you’re placing anything on your site, ask yourself if it plays an important role. If it isn’t essential to your website, then it’s likely better off not being used. The same goes for images and other types of visual aspects. Utilise only the ones that you feel best convey the message of your site. Don’t stock up on distractions, and instead go for elements that are concise and straight to the point.

To conclude, it’s easy to see why working smart and not hard is one of the most critical design choices of all. A website is all about giving the users what they want as soon as possible with little in the way of distractions. If you have a message you want to convey, do so as early as you can.

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