The Need to be Grateful to the People You Work with

You might feel like your workplace is a toxic environment. You want to leave right away as soon as you finish working because you cannot stand being there for a few more minutes. However, despite your hatred towards the work environment, you need to remain positive with the people at work. You might not like all of your fellow employees, but you need to realise that everyone is doing their best to finish the job. Like you, they are also working hard to provide for their family. You may not complete some of the tasks assigned to you if not for your fellow employees.

Therefore, even if you hate your work environment and the nature of your job, you need to remain grateful to the people around you. They were there for you when you needed help, and they will continue to be there as you achieve goals in the future.

Say thank you

If you want to be grateful, you can express it to them. As you drop by their desk or you meet each other in the hallway, you need to say thank you. They will appreciate your expression of gratitude even for the smallest things that they did to help you.

Write a note

If you feel shy about saying thank you to them in person or you don’t have enough time to do it, you can drop by their desk and leave a note. The letter does not have to be too long. You can write the words ‘thank you’ and express the reason behind your expression of gratitude. To make it even better, you can use personalised correspondence cards. These cards contain your name and signature. You can also design these cards to match your style. The recipient of the card will feel special because of what you did.

Commend them too

Apart from saying thank you, it is also a good idea to give the note to tell them that you appreciated the work they did. Even if the task did not in any way help you, it still helped achieve the goals of the company. If you are a business leader. You need to show appreciation to your employees whenever you can. It motivates them to work hard and encourages them to stay in the company.

Treat them to lunch

If you received significant help from a person, you could invite that person for lunch. Apart from being a treat as a way of saying thank you, it also bonds you. Perhaps, you will work together again in the future. It helps to have a positive relationship so that you can continue working well together as you move along.

You won’t lose anything by saying thank you. It allows you to build friendships at work. It also makes you feel comfortable working with other people. Don’t wait until someone has helped you in a significant way before saying thank you. Being able to express your gratitude will also inspire others to do the same to you.

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